We Be Geeks Episode 157: The Zone Continues With Bruce Zick


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This week on We Be Geeks, the team is all together for this awesome episode!

Deadpool is the topic of the year. Not only because the movie was so spectacular, but because of the rating. Don't get us wrong, Deadpool should absolutely have a giant R, but some parents were still took their little ones to see it. The team have some strong opinions on this. Also, will this set the bar for other comic movies? Only time will tell.

The second half of the show starred the extremely talented, Bruce Zick from the Zone Continuum. Zick gives an up close and personal look at his inspiration behind the book. Not only does he write it, but he does the artwork for it as well. He shared his excitement for this book since it's been over 20 years since the original Zone Continuum books were released. Zick is very in tune with his audience as the new book contains elements from the original story as well as new stories. So new readers and old readers alike can enjoy it. Bruce also talked about his background as an animator, and how much of it changes before it even hits the big screen. He also has a super secret project coming up that the team is dying to know about, but alas must wait. Bruce talked a little about his work on Atomic Legion, and Mike totally geeked out. The Zone Continuum hits comic book stores February 24th, and even though Valentine's Day is over, buy a copy for a loved one. It's sure to not disappoint. The team also added a new segment to the show as well. Star Wars trivia.  Each week the team will be answering more questions. Stay tuned!

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