Weeks After Eva Marie Was Pretty Clearly Done With WWE, Eva Marie Rumored To Be Done With WWE


Back in the beginning of February, Bleeding Cool reported (on a Reddit user noticing) that WWE superstar Eva Marie had removed all mention of WWE from her social media accounts. Eva Marie had, at that time and at this time, not appeared on WWE television since being suspended last August for violating WWE's wellness policy, a policy that prevents WWE from looking too bad when wrestlers die young, murder their families, or both, by suspending them when they fail drug tests. In the time since, Eva Marie has dyed her trademark red hair black (your nickname can't be "All Red Everything" if you don't even have red hair), filmed several movies, and pretty much snubbed the hell out of WWE (and good for her – it's nice for WWE go get a reminder once in a while that people can get along just fine without them).

Not much has changed since the initial report back in February, except that website Wrestling Inc. has reported all of that stuff again, and also added that they're hearing rumors WWE won't renew Eva Marie's contract. The news has spread to all sorts of outlets:


Meanwhile, Eva Marie hasn't even acknowledged anything having to do with wrestling, much less these rumors, even though it's freaking Wrestlemania week, instead pimping her fashion line:

You too, Eva Marie.


Yeah, things aren't looking great for fans hoping for Eva Marie to return to the ring… but not really any more or less great than they looked back in February. But hey, the only thing better than a hot news story grabbing all the clicks is the same hot news story you ran last month grabbing all the same clicks despite no real developments. Who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth?




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