When a Stranger Calls Writer Talks Potential Sequel Ideas

After recently rewatching the 2006 film When a Stranger Calls, I found myself wondering why we never received a sequel. It was suspenseful, masterfully shot, and had a perfect vagueness surrounding the killer through the entirety of the film. When a Stranger Calls was one of the rare remake-heavy-era films that actually holds substance and is on par with some of the strongest slasher films of its time. Cut to one week later, and my question is actually being discussed with the writer Jake Wade via the Bloody Disgusting in an interview about possible sequel ideas for a film once referred to as When a Stranger Returns.

Wade tells the site, "What we had originally discussed was the concept of having it basically unfold the same way as the original did. Have Jill then later become a mom, and blow that out to an entire film where she goes through the same experience now as a mother, not the babysitter."

When a Stranger Calls Writer Talks Potential Sequel Ideas
Photo Credit: Screen Gems – When a Stranger Calls

Obviously, at the time of the original film, the film's lead Camilla Belle was too young to make a direct sequel, so the timing was something that was essential to a future film. Now, the movie is approaching its 15th anniversary, and plenty of time has passed to make that possible. "I would like to think as time passes that there's still an opportunity to fulfill that sequel. Sometimes the concern with a sequel is the speed with which one gets one out. But in order to do this one according to what we had discussed, it kinda feels like the more time that goes by, the better the opportunity to actually do it."

The writer adds that there are other issues that come with time, explaining, "But there's also the notion in this business – 'Is there even a desire to create a sequel so many years later?' That would be the conundrum. I've been around this business long enough to know that those are really impossible questions to answer. I would say that it would definitely be a possibility, and it would be a possibility that I would be thrilled to be a part of."

As far as slasher films go — the 2006 adaptation of When a Stranger Calls remains a strong body of work after 15 years, so it would be a joy to see what a sequel with Belle and Wade onboard.

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