WWE Network: No WCW Thunder Or WWF Sunday Night Heat For You!

Despite rumors that October would finally see the release of episodes of WCW Thunder and/or WWF Sunday Night Heat, it's not going to happen, according to a new rumor contradicting the old rumor.

WWE Network: No WCW Thunder Or WWF Sunday Night Heat For You!

The WWE Network is a great place to get classic pro wrestling content for just $9.99 a month. Unfortunately, there's only so much classic content out there, and WWE isn't exactly creating new classic content at a fast pace.

There are a few big name shows that have yet to even debut on the WWE Network: WWF Superstars of Wrestling. WWF Wrestling Challenge. WCW Saturday Night. WWF Shotgun Saturday Night. And, of course, WCW Thunder and WWF Sunday Night Heat.

Those latter two were rumored by wrestling dirt sheets to the next big shows to be uploaded to WWF's online library, possibly next month. But according to a new report from PWInsider, via 411 Wrestling, WWE is looking at adding more WCCW in October instead. The report says that Thunder may be delayed due to Buff Bagwell and Raven demanding WWE pay royalties for old wrestling footage shown on the Network.

Uh oh. Are we all going to have to go back to tape trading?

As with anything in the world of wrestling dirt sheet rumors, it's all true until it isn't, so we'll have to see what happens come October. But if you were hoping to finally be able to watch late 90s nationally televised wrestling in sequential order, don't get your hopes up for it happening anytime soon.

And don't even get us started on the ECW episodes with all the good music edited out.

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