WWE Wants To Know Who You Want To Face The Undertaker At Wrestlemania (And It Better Be Roman Reigns)


Back in December, WWE started a poll on their website asking who fans wanted to see main event Wrestlemania. WWE wanted fans to choose Roman Reigns, of course, because Roman Reigns going over in the poll would undoubtedly make Roman look strong. Fans did not vote for Roman Reigns, however, as Reigns came in sixth in the poll behind John Cena, Goldberg, Finn Balor, The Undertaker, and the winner by a large margin, AJ Styles. Or, at least, that was what the poll looked like when WWE deleted it from their website.

Well, after clearly setting up Roman Reigns to beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania this year, WWE is looking for validation from a new poll, this time asking fans to choose who they most want to see face The Undertaker at the event. Of course, WWE is once again hoping for Roman Reigns to win the poll. And once again, fans have disappointed WWE. At time of this writing, Reigns was losing badly in the poll to John Cena (with 35% of the vote), AJ Styles (26%), and Goldberg (11%). Reigns has just 7% of the vote, tied with "other" as an option.

By the time this article is published, WWE may well have deleted the poll. In an attempt to get them to leave it up, we've given them what they wanted, and voted for Roman Reigns:


We suggest you do the same. Look, you didn't vote for Roman Reigns in the first poll, and now WWE is going to have Reigns retire The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Can you imagine what they'll do in response if Reigns is embarrassed once again? Get with the program, people. You are getting Roman Reigns vs. Old Man Taker at Wrestlemania, dammit, whether you like it or not, so you might as well just like it. It'll be easier for everyone.

Vote in the poll here… if it still exists.



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