'Preacher' Episode 11 Preview: 'I Can't Be Goin' On No Topless Beach!'

preacher episode 11 preview video

With AMC's Preacher, it's safe to say that New Orleans hasn't exactly been too kind for Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) up to this point in the season. Jesse continues to find his faith in an absentee God being tested, even as he forsakes the emotional needs of Tulip and Cassidy. Tulip is sleep-deprived and spiraling downward harder and harder as she attempts to deal with the trauma of her near-fatal encounter with The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish), driving her into the comforting arms of her new "friend" and gun-loaner Jenny/Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery). Cassidy is trying to play peacemaker between Tulip and Jesse, but his own secrets and crush on Tulip continue to complicate the situation…as does his newly-turned son, Denis (Ronald Guttman).

Did I also mention that they're the target of The Grail, an internationally powerful religious "illuminati" who've been around since the time of Christ and have worked to preserve his bloodline by any means necessary? Headed by righteously dangerous Herr Starr (Pip Torrens)? Or that Tulip just found The Saint's saber and guns…the ones Jesse buried under the bathroom tiles after leaving The Saint to rot in the swamps?

Sounds like a perfect time to take a vacation…and from what we can see in this preview clip for Preacher's next episode (Backdoors), our trio seem to agree.

Except it seems like Jesse really needs to tell them something first…

Don't forget to join Bleeding Cool for Taking Confession as we liveblog Preacher S02E11: Backdoors next Monday night, August 28, at 9:00 pm EST on AMC:

"The mission begins to alienate Tulip and Cassidy; Tulip receives advice about her relationship with Jesse; Cassidy begins to doubt Denis."

'Preacher' Episode 11 Preview: 'I Can't Be Goin' On No Topless Beach!'

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