"Brooklyn Nine Nine" An SDCC Off-Site That's a Fan's Paradise [IMAGES]

The Brooklyn Nine Nines Off-Site is a Fan's Paradise.

Things I expected going into the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Off-Site: Title Of My Sextape jokes. 

Things I didn't expect from the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Off-Site: meeting half the cast of a niche musical I was obsessed with as a kid. 

So it's safe to say that NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine off-site at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) is truly a "fan's paradise."

The Brooklyn Nine Nines Off-Site is a Fan's Paradise.

Going into the off-site involves registering on an iPad to get an NBC bracelet. This bracelet is used for all the NBC off-sites and helps NBC track you (and of course send some ads to your email). You are then put into a colored team – I was team red. 

Upon entering the experience, we were taken into a holding room where two officers briefed us on what was about to go down: we were here to crack a case similar to the one during the infamous "Halloween Heist." We watched a short video where Captain Holt, Jake Peralta, and Charles Boyle wished us luck. 

The Brooklyn Nine Nines Off-Site is a Fan's Paradise.

We were then called team by the team into the 'Nine-Nine office and man was it a fans heaven. Throughout the office, there were little nods to the shows scattered everywhere. From Captain Holt's desk to Jake Perolta's hidden Die Hard poster. It was hard to even focus on our mission: which involved figuring out the name of a restaurant with clues from Boyle's desk.

Throughout the room, actors played cops, sergeants, and even prisoners in holding cages toward the back. 

Each team was given a different mission and the room became pretty chaotic as fans started running around, it was hard to catch and see everything. You almost feel like you had to have missed some tiny nod to the show as you are leaving.

For me, the experience turned even sweeter when I realized that one of the actors was Joey Richter (Ron) from StarKid Productions. For those of you who don't know, StarKid was a niche theater company out of the University of Michigan that produced musicals, including A Very Potter Musical (yes the one that starred Darren Criss). When I was a kid I was obsessed with their work, so as soon as the experience wrapped I went up to him and took a selfie (obviously) – then he informed me that Lauren Lopez (Malfoy) and Brian Rosenthal (Quirrell) were both in the building. I'm not going to lie – I had a little bit of a fan breakdown. 

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Off-Site spoke to the fact that at SDCC, you never know what to expect. Not only was it a fan's paradise (and seriously might take 2 or 3 visits to catch every detail) but it also fulfilled a fangirl dream I had forgotten I had. 

Oh, and there was a pretty sweet pin.