[Update] Pokemon Go Team Leaders Shown Off At SDCC – Absence Of Rare And Second Gen Pokemon Explained

Pokemon Go has remained ellusive for the more mystical Pokemon since it launched. Thus far, there is a whole sleuth of rare Pokemon who haven't been placed anywhere in the world yet.

While the three legendary birds' presence is felt by way of Team Valor, Mystic and Instinct, even the leaders of those teams have remained but silhouettes.

Well, no longer. During an SDCC panel today, the pictures of all three were shown off. I give you Valor's Candela, Mystic's Blanche and Instinct's Spark.

You can take a look at them here:


Now, if we could hear something about those birds…

Side note: It has been announced that none of those rare Pokemon will be available until all the countries are live.

[Update]: Our man Daniel Celko is in the panel right now, and he just told me this was said:

They will be adding items where you can customize Pokestops in the future and he mentioned the concept of poke centers. (Implying that some stops could be made as healing points)

And this!

No date on trading update as they want to make sure the servers can handle it first
But it is a top priority
Oh, and just for a tone of the room:
This may have been one of the most charged panels as when anyone mentioned mystic or valor, the entire hall was filled with cheers and boos. Instinct got a few cheers and pity moans.

I.e. every 2 minutes

This is how divides that split our society are bred!

Here is a big one, regarding Second-Gen Pokemon

As for second gen pokemon, they will be adding them a little at a time in "interesting ways"

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