First Look at Hyper Universe the Trailer Mysteriously Not Shown at #E32018

If anyone has spent time watching the Microsoft presentation at E3 then you know that they tend to move a little quick. They show trailer after trailer while hardly stopping to talk about any specific game unless it's one of the big ones. They also tend to go over in time and it looks like there was a game that could have been cut for time.

Xbox uploaded all of the trailers, or most of trailer, that we saw during their presentation and we were all a little confused to see an announcement trailer that wasn't shown during the presentation. It's called Hyper Universe and, at first, looks a little bit like Little Big Planet.

Experience 4v4 2D MOBA combat with a diverse roster of playable Hypers as Hyper Universe comes to Xbox One!

What happened? Well the Microsoft press event didn't go a little over; it went way over. More than 30 minutes over and it looks like this one just got cut for time. It's not a big announcement anyway so a normal trailer reveal works just fine.

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