Metallica Releases Batch 100 Box Set of Their Blackened Whiskey

Metallica fans know that there is no shortage of awesome merch from the guys that they can collect, and that extends to alcohol. The band has its Enter Night Pilsner collaboration with Stone Brewing on shelves now. I actually just bought some this morning, very tasty. They also have their very own whiskey, Blackened. Co-created with late master distiller Dave Pickerell, a new limited batch of the drink, labeled Batch 100, will come in a limited edition packaged with two picture disc vinyl containing the Metallica playlist they blared at the casks and picked by distiller Rob Dietrich to literally shape the whiskey. The first issue of Blackened magazine and other memorabilia also included. Check out Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich unboxing the set below.

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Metallica Blackened Whiskey In The Jar

"BLACKENED, a blend of North America's finest bourbons and ryes, was launched by Metallica and the legendary Master Distiller Dave Pickerell with Batch 81 in 2018 to honor the year the band was founded. In June of 2019, Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich joined the fold after the passing of Pickerell, overseeing the sourcing, blending and cask finishing of barrels for each batch. BLACKENED uses Metallica's music to literally shape the whiskey. Using a proprietary sonic-enhancement process dubbed BLACK NOISE, the low hertz vibrations of the music pummel the black brandy casks during the finishing process, agitating the whiskey and extracting more flavor from the wood. Each batch of BLACKENED has a unique playlist curated by the band members themselves. The Batch 100 Playlist is a special collaboration with music selected by the brand's very own Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich and curated by Metallica co-founder Lars Ulrich, which resulted in an eclectic mix of rare, live and studio recordings from various albums across the band's incomparable career."
Metallica Releases Batch 100 Box Set of Their Blackened Whiskey
Metallica Blackened Whiskey Batch 100 set. Credit Blackened Whiskey
Batch 100 comes in a limited-edition box set including:
  • Blackened's Batch 100
  • Two 12" vinyl picture discs of the custom Metallica playlist used in the finishing process of the whiskey
  • The first edition of the Blackened Zine – bringing fans into the belly of the beast that is the Batch 100 playlist, with personal commentary on the whiskey blending process from Lars Ulrich and Rob Dietrich; iconic imagery of the band and Dietrich captured by legendary photographer Danny Clinch; behind-the-scenes footage of Metallica's HQ and rehearsal space

I have not yet had the pleasure of tasting the whiskey yet, as it is usually sold out by around me, but I can say as a fan and collector of Metallica merch, I need this. It can only be preordered right now through online retailer Cask Cartel for the low price of $149.99. There are also options so that you can get the box and get an extra bottle or three at a reduced cost to keep the package fresh.

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