Review: Rozzi's "Hymn For Tomorrow" EP A Refreshing And Real Album

Music seems like a limited resource every now and again. With only so many notes and audible octaves, it's a small range in the big picture, and there can't not be a comprehensive list of sequences of notes in their differing lengths, right? That is not the case, for if we think this, we fail to recognize the soul behind the music. In any case, we gave a good listen to musical artist Rozzi's Hymn For Tomorrow EP, and it is clear that her vocals are a breathtaking testament against any argument of stagnation in the industry. Here's what we think about it!

The cover for the Hymn For Tomorrow EP album by Rozzi.
The cover for the Hymn For Tomorrow EP album by Rozzi.

"How'd You Learn To Lie Like That" is a soulful and sentimental song that aims to reconcile with the idea of being abandoned. One of the most key lyrics comes right at the top of the track, which sits at the top of the album, teetering but stable.

The last thing you said before you vanished
Was that this was so much more than the sex
I spent six nights in a sleepless panic
Hating my reflection rereading our texts

The singer is describing being ghosted after a liaison to a vivid and passionate degree. It's almost akin to identifying a petty criminal through poetry. It is masterful and a fantastic start to this EP.

"I Can't Go To The Party" changes paces from a ballad of anguish to a piece of R&B that seems to be about the singer's restraint, lest she ends up in the throes of passion with the subject of the song. It's oddly refreshing by way of its musicality while still retaining the mainstream feel. However, at the 2:49 mark, the song takes a turn for a louder and even more passionate crescendo. This is an amusing shift, and we're here for it.

You can watch the music video for "I Can't Go To The Party" by clicking the YouTube video below.

"June" returns to the topic of lost love and the anguish of all that entails. The repeated motif of "It's been you since June" is heartfelt and emotive. However, it turns out right at the ending pre-chorus verse that the subject of this song cheated in a major way and made the chorus of the song turn into something way more bitter in hindsight.

"Mad Man" addresses the anger presented by the singer. In places, this addressing of anger also looks at the idea that "Just cause I'm a girl and you don't think a girl should get mad," it doesn't mean that this is at all true. This is the most powerful piece in the EP so far, and we'd love to see more of this level of raw emotion from Rozzi in the future.

Rozzi's fifth track, "If I'm Gonna Love You," sets a system of terms between the singer and her subject. There is unseen anxiety that belies the chilled tone of the musicality behind the lyrics. There is almost a resolution that the singer is resigned to, but while she is resigned, she is unwilling by the end to truly give in, but the story the song tells doesn't seem to go the way she wants. The cyclical nature of the Hymn For Tomorrow EP's fifth track mesmerizes us in a fashion that pulls us in, much like how the singer's subject is pulled in as well.

The titular sixth track of Rozzi's Hymn For Tomorrow EP, "Hymn For Tomorrow," is another tonal shift from R&B over to acoustic soul. The clear shift is such that the lyrical tone is also changed from sorrowful and purposely anxious to hopeful and resolute. The singer's lyrics, which include the prospect of a joyful future, agree with the instrumentation behind it. The resulting song is beautiful and a ray of sunshine in the EP, where the previous songs evoked a gloomier atmosphere themselves.

The seventh and final track of the EP, "idk," is as uncertain contentwise as the title means to suggest. The song's repetition of "I don't know where it's going" affirms the main message of this song which suggests "That real love must be hard." Truer words are not often spoken in this or other songs. The uncertainty, however, is faced head-on, it seems, leaving the listener with a sense of resolution and hope.

In the end, Hymn For Tomorrow, the overall stunning EP by Rozzi, is a refreshing, real, and beautiful piece of art. We recommend it as a chill listen during times where you're in a hectic environment, be it work, school, or traffic, and need that level of chilled music, or perhaps just need a series of songs with a soulful, perhaps even at times wistful, tone.

Do you agree with our assessment of this album? You can listen to many of the songs from Hymn For Tomorrow by Rozzi on Spotify now! Let us know what you think of this album in the comments below.

A photo of muisical artist Rozzi. Photo credit: Imogene Strauss
A photo of muisical artist Rozzi. Photo credit: Imogene Strauss

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