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Will Wood, On "In Case I Make It," His Newest Album - Interview
We have learned a lot about the reclusive avant-pop and indie musician over the years, from gleaning many different insights (two articles worth of them!) about his second-most recent album, The Normal Album, to getting a pseudo-behind-the-scenes look at the machinations of his documentary, What Did I Do? Now, we have gotten the chance to interview[...]
Curaga Records Announces Low-Fi Mario 64 Album
Curaga Records recently announced that they will be releasing a new video game music album of lofi music inspired by Super Mario 64 The full name of the album is called Video Game LoFi: Super Mario 64, with music cultivated by musical artists 88bit and Save Point, serving as a nostalgic tribute to Koji Kondo's original soundtrack[...]
Review: Empty Streets' New EP, Age of Regret, Available Now
Darkwave act Empty Streets' newest EP, Age of Regret, is finally out! The album uses darkly poignant lyrics to make a splash in the industry Here's what we think of the album release! A glamour shot of Aaron Thompson (also known as Small Hands), the mastermind behind Empty Streets, whose new EP, Age of Regret, is now available[...]
Gemini Syndrome Announces New Album: "3rd Degree - The Raising"
Los Angeles, California-based alternative metal band Gemini Syndrome has announced the release of their next studio album, 3rd Degree – The Raising The album is slated to come out on October 15th of this year and will be their third album and the last in their debut trilogy, with the first being Lux and the second[...]
Big D And The Kids Table Announces New Album For October
After almost an entire decade, ska-punk staple band Big D and the Kids Table are releasing an all-new album! Titled Do Your Art, the album marks the band's return to the SideOneDummy Records record label. Various glamour shots of the ska-punk band Big D and the Kids Table Their next album, Do Your Art, is their first in[...]
Midhaven Releases New Album: Of The Lotus & The Thunderbolt
Indian metal trio Midhaven has released their latest concept album, Of The Lotus & The Thunderbolt This album deals with the idea of universal, cyclical time and how events within the time-space continuum continue to happen to us repeatedly Of The Lotus & The Thunderbolt was released on July 8th of this year. The cover art for[...]
Review: Famous Underground's Newest EP Is Heavy And Poignant
The track ends with a sophisticated, if short, synthesizer outro. "Corrupted," track two in Famous Underground's album, continues the band's trend of strong, meaningful lyrics befitting the hard rock they are performing The drums in this piece are most powerful just over halfway into this song and serve to drive the track, nearly as if it[...]
Motörhead's "No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith" Finally Released In Full
English rock band Motörhead, a band consisting of their late frontman Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, guitarist Larry Wallis, and drummer Lucas Fox, has finally released what is being called the "live album to end all live albums." Entitled No Sleep 'til Hammersmith, this live album commemorates the 40th anniversary of the studio release of the album[...]
Metal Band Once Human Previews Upcoming Album With All-New Single
Once Human, the Los Angeles-based metal quintet known for their debut album The Life I Remember and their following conceptual album Evolution, has been spending the last year stuck in lockdown, refining their musical stylings This evening, at 6:00 PM Eastern Time, they will be releasing a new single for their upcoming third album Scar Weaver,[...]
Review: Rozzi's "Hymn For Tomorrow" EP A Refreshing And Real Album
Here's what we think about it! The cover for the Hymn For Tomorrow EP album by Rozzi. "How'd You Learn To Lie Like That" is a soulful and sentimental song that aims to reconcile with the idea of being abandoned One of the most key lyrics comes right at the top of the track, which sits at[...]
Bob's Burgers & Sub Pop Records Release Volume 2 Album Details
Get your butts ready! Bob's Burgers and Sub Pop Records have released details on the upcoming second full album from the hit adult animation and its 90 songs of pure fun The full list of songs with titles, seen below, has fans traveling through some favorite moments and episodes for their favorite characters of Bob's Burgers[...]
Get Ready To Burst Into Song...Bob's Burgers Is Getting Another Album!
On Twitter, the news was recently announced and shared by a director of Bob's Burgers, Simon Chong, that the show and Sub Pop Records are collaborating again to bring more songs from the series to a second album In the past, there have been a variety of albums celebrating specific holiday songs of Bob's Burgers, from Valentine's[...]
Blaseball Will Be Getting A "Discipline" Vinyl Soundtrack
Officially being called The Blaseball: Discipline, this album is a collaboration with The Game Band (the developers of the online satirical league) and an actual band being called "the garages"  who recorded a bunch of music centered around the Discipline Era All of the tracks have some kind of inside reference to the game and[...]
The Coffee Talk Soundtrack Is Being Released On Vinyl
You can currently pre-order the album for €32,00 on their website, with the albums due to ship sometime this winter And if you'd like to get a sample of what it will sound like, you can preview the album on Spotify. The cover of the Coffee Talk soundtrack, courtesy of Black Screen Records. The soundtrack will be[...]
The Smashing Pumpkins - In Ashes (Official Trailer)
The Smashing Pumpkins marked its return in a big way on Friday, announcing the new, 20-track double album Cyr set to drop on November 27th In addition, the band is releasing the five-part animated series In Ashes that will include music from the album with the first two episodes premiering on Friday, September 25 Previously,[...]
Black Screen Records Announces Super Mario 64 Arrangement Album
The company will be releasing Hang On To Your Hat, the debut album of the Video Game Jazz Orchestra, in which they will be playing big band arrangements of music from Super Mario 64 As you can see from the artwork here, the album will be available on Red/Blue, Gold/Gold & Black/Black double vinyl records,[...]
Black Screen Records Reveals Othercide & Risk Of Rain 2 Vinyls
We got the details on both albums for you to read about below. Credit: Black Screen Records Black Screen Records once again teams up with composer Chris Christodoulou and Hopoo Games to release the original soundtrack to Risk of Rain 2 on vinyl this fall The full soundtrack will be available on limited edition 180g ink-spot vinyl and comes in a beautiful trifold sleeve[...]
Iam8bit Is Releasing A "Pac-Man" Anniversary Record Store Day Exclusive
We have more info on the album below, as well as pictures of the cover No word yet on what the cost will be. Credit: iam8bit The memorable 40th anniversary official theme song "Join The Pac" was produced by Japanese DJ and record producer Ken Ishii The video clip of his masterpiece "Extra" (directed by Koji Morimoto[...]
Ready Player One 'The Stacks: Songs From The OASIS' Album Hits iTunes
Calling all Gunters and 6'ers- ok maybe not the latter because DOWN WITH IOI-  climb aboard the Ready Player One hype train.  Today, Brash Tracks released a collection of covers of notable songs mentioned in the novel "Ready Player One", and a new original songs as well. Brash Tracks' Brian McKinney has said 50% of all proceeds from the[...]
Reliving The Haunting Melodies Of 'Dear Esther' On Vinyl
I would equate her music to some of the tracks from the TV show Lost, where a single tune in a moment can be defined by the music you hear. First, let's discuss the packaging, as this is a fine album to check out There's nothing too fancy about it, simply a well-designed package with some[...]
Falling Through The Chords Of The 'Hue' Soundtrack By Alkis Livathinos
The piano drives the heart of the album as you blissfully follow every chord "Knowledge", "Great Machines", and "Hallowed Halls" give you a sense of adventure and danger, while still keeping you entranced If I were wondering the streets at night on foot, this would be the music to guide me as I went through[...]
Traveling Through The 'Elka Village' With LudoWic
This entire album felt like a warm blanket of sound that I could wrap myself in for hours. This is the kind of album you throw on in your car and drive around at 3am to You're not going anywhere in particular, you're just enjoying the city as she sleeps to music that could start a cyberpunk[...]
Remembering A Lost Kojima Classic Through The 'Snatcher' Vinyl Soundtrack
has been producing some quality albums It's the company I got my Mother and Mother 2 soundtracks from, they produced a quality vinyl copy of Axiom Verge, and they've pushed out soundtracks for cult films like Martin and Manos – The Hands Of Fate They are one of the few record companies in the world[...]
Swipe File: D.O.A. Vs Secret Warriors
On the left, Canadian punk band D.O.A's new album We Come in Peace And on the right, the cover to Secret Warriors #7 by Jim Cheung. Peace or War? You decide! In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works[...]
Tribute Album Aims To Get Gareb Shamus His Old Job At Wizard Back
Something tells me that the expressed aims of this album may be a teensy tiny bit on the disogenuous side. But ex-Wizard staffer Chris Ward has recorded an album with the express aim of getting Gareb Shamus his position as CEO of Wizard Entertainment back. WIZtory Vol 1: Rock To Reinstate Gareb Shamus As the One True[...]