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Donald Trump Releases 60 Minutes Interview Thinks Thats Good Idea

Donald Trump Releases 60 Minutes Interview, Thinks That's Good Idea?

What he did do was release raw footage of the interview he had with Lesley Stahl and CBS' 60 Minutes on Tuesday- this, after he walked out of the interview and spent the past day or so venting against Stahl on social media for what he perceived were "unfair" questions The move comes only hours[...]

CBS Fall 2018-2019 Schedule: Magnum P.I. on Monday Murphy Brown to Thursday and More

CBS Fall 2018-2019 Schedule: 'Magnum P.I.' on Monday, 'Murphy Brown' to Thursday and More

— 60 Minutes 8-9 p.m — God Friended Me 9-10 p.m — NCIS: Los Angeles 10-11 p.m — Madam Secretary[caption id="attachment_848920" align="aligncenter" width="445"] Credit: CBS[/caption] HAPPY TOGETHER stars Damon Wayans Jr and Amber Stevens West in a comedy about a 30-something happily married couple who begin to reconnect with their younger, cooler selves when Cooper (Felix Mallard), an exuberant[...]

Stormy Speaks Roseanne Returns Hulu Passes MLB Opens and More [The Weekly Static s01e33]

Stormy Speaks; Roseanne Returns; Hulu Passes; MLB Opens and More! [The Weekly Static! s01e33]

Presidential Election (now more than ever) and my own private island-nation.https://youtu.be/EEJLXsvzucwSpeaking for Delegation of Black Wrestlers, Mark Henry Says Hulk Hogan Can’t Come Back to WWE YetStormy Daniels Gives 60 Minutes Their Best Night in a DecadeHulu Passes on Locke & Key Series; ‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti Pitching to Other Outlets18 Million People Watched the[...]

Stormy Daniels Gives 60 Minutes Their Best Night in a Decade

Stormy Daniels Gives 60 Minutes Their Best Night in a Decade

Anderson Cooper's salacious interview with Stormy Daniels has given 60 Minutes it's best ratings night since since Steve Kroft interviewed Barack and Michelle Obama in November of 2008, just after they learned that he was elected president All three segments back then were dedicated to the interview and brought in 24.5 million viewers The Daniels[...]

UPDATING ON SITE Stormy of the Century: Bleeding Cools 60 Minutes/Stormy Daniels Live-Blog

UPDATING ON SITE! 'Stormy' of the Century: Bleeding Cool's 60 Minutes/Stormy Daniels Live-Blog

Avenatti[/caption]https://twitter.com/60Minutes/status/978061844349882369UPDATE:https://twitter.com/60Minutes/status/978061219008581634https://twitter.com/60Minutes/status/978060853688832000UPDATE:https://twitter.com/60Minutes/status/978056566086750209UPDATE:https://twitter.com/60Minutes/status/978058303686180867UPDATE: Wise words from Jenna Jameson...and this isn't over any time soon...UPDATE:https://twitter.com/60Minutes/status/978060211322785792https://twitter.com/60Minutes/status/978058326578737152UPDATE:https://twitter.com/LOTNorm/status/978055106317996033UPDATE: I'll wager a dozen strawberry frosted doughnuts that Mueller's looking at those payments...UPDATE: "I might even take a vacation on her dime." Yeah, that sounds like intimidation...and now we're getting to the NDA (non-disclosure agreement)UPDATE: Duuuuuuuuuuuuude...that's the kind of stuff mob concigliari's (sp?) do for their[...]

Join Bleeding Cools 60 Minutes/Stormy Daniels Live-Blog Sunday Night

Join Bleeding Cool's 60 Minutes/Stormy Daniels Live-Blog Sunday Night

Sunday night is turning into a televised "perfect storm" of pop culture, presidential politics and the press -- and since we know you're going to be watching anyway (no judgement), why not let your brothers-and-sisters-from-other-misters here at Bleeding Cool ride shotgun on the spiraling rollercoaster we call Stormy of the Century: Bleeding Cool's 60 Minutes/Stormy Daniels[...]