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It's A Night Full Of Stars For Image's Nightworld In New York
Written by Adam McGovern with exquisite art by Paolo Leandri, the collected edition contains a host of vibrant guest pin-ups. Among those pin-up artists are several who will be appearing with McGovern for the signing on Wednesday, March 25th, from 7-9PM, along with several other creators who have new work out right now They are: Dean[...]
The Bleed 2.9: Reading Afterlife With Archie With Adam McGovern Of Nightworld
/sickburn) We are joined by Adam McGovern for this week's show, and we are on the eve of the release of the first collection of his comic NIGHTWORLD! Written by McGovern, with art by creator of the concept Paolo Leandri and colors by Dom Regan, Nightworld Vol 1: Midnight Sonata is a Kirby-esque romp through the afterlife with an interesting cast of characters. Speaking of[...]
Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics
Featuring artist and tent-show conceptualist Jason Robert Bell with comicbook writer and pop lecturer Adam McGovern, it's a panopticon of staged conversation, video, cosplay and hallucination you can take all your ancestors to!" Wednesday, June 18th Forbidden Planet at 832 Broadway in New York will host a signing by Dean Haspiel, Chris Miskiewicz, Nick Bertozzi, Paul Pope, and[...]
Why The Grand Comics Fest In Brooklyn Ensures The Survival Of Comics
It's good to know that Revival House Press is one of those up and comers ready to fill those depleted ranks. [David Nuss of Revival House Press] I also spotted Coin-Op present at the show and learned that Adam McGovern had a new issue of the series out McGovern is the writer behind the coming soon Image[...]
Preview Image Book Nightworld Inspired By Kirby And Bava Monster Movies
The Italian horror tradition influenced creator-owned project Nightworld went to Kickstarter less than a year ago, succeeded, and now has been picked up by Image Comics in a dream come true for writer Adam McGovern and artist Paolo Leandri They began tossing around ideas and sketches for the comic in 2005, and it was a[...]
Waking Up From the Dream Project: NIGHTWORLD Rises at Last?
I spoke with Adam McGovern at Baltimore Comic Con last weekend about his new Kickstarter project, which he describes as "meta schlock inspired by Kirby classics and Mario Bava monster movies" That alone was enough to pique my interest He's been working towards the project since 2005 with long-term dedication, and the genesis of the[...]