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Webtoon Calls Comics "A Side-Hustle" In Ad Campaign, Apologises
Recently, the world-leading comic book publisher, Webtoon, launched a new advertising campaign on public transport in Chicago and London Lots of images of popular Webtoon comic books, with "cute comment" headlines highlighting the appeal of the Webtoon comic book reading experience Here is one seen by public transport user Kyon Kyuu, and posted on Twitter, Photo[...]
DC Comics to Discontinue Their Comic Shop Co-Op Advertising Programme
DC Comics has told retailers that, after decades, they are closing their speciality retail co-op advertising programme As Bleeding Cool has reported regularly over those decades, DC Comics will pay towards the costs of comic book retailers advertising their store as long as they use approved and substantial DC Comics imagery when doing so. Over the[...]
Project Wonderful Changes Policy On Advertising Over Ms Marvel Nude Images
Project Wonderful is an advertising service created by Ryan North that specialises in serving ads to webcomics. This included the work of Kuduroyo. As of yesterday, that is. After the furore regarding his publishing naked sexual commissions of the Marvel teenage character Ms Marvel, it was enough for Project Wonderful to completely overhaul their advertising policy. SJWs succeded in striping me[...]
DC To Pay 100% Of Retailers Rebirth Advertising – But There Is A Limit!
But there is a limit.   DC have clarified to retailers that they are "offering 100% co-op reimbursement on advertising expenditures based on your co-op pool as of March 31, 2016 However, please be advised that DC's co-op budget for this promotion has a strict limit Co-op is just one part of DCE's overall marketing plan for the[...]
There's Something Very Different About Today's Rocket Raccoon #1
But there is something else that is different about them compared to other Marvel titles being published today. And that's the ads. There seem to be more ads than usual in this week's Marvel comics anyway and, in a time when print advertising has been fading, it sticks out. Moon Knight, say, has ad for a gaming education[...]
Bleeding Cool Is #1 Comic Authority According To Technorati
We have a variety of advertising options to work with your budget whether you are an established publisher looking to spread the word about a new book, a filmmaker trying to get your movie some attention or someone doing a Kickstarter and needs help spreading the word. If you want to find out more, contact for ad[...]
Turning A Bonfire Into A Riot For Advertising In Comic Books
An advertising agency and media buyer specialising in the geek demographic, it was set up by ex-DC-er Steve Rotterdam and Ed Catto to deliver the specialist market through… well all manner of fashions. Its latest venture is spinning off the comic book advertising network, Comics United, they have been creating over the years, allowing clients and[...]
Preaching On About Advertising and Comics – Some Strategies
I also write ads for one of the largest agencies in the world – so it wasn't a huge surprise when Joe Mulvey called me to get my take on advertising and comics, for his article on Bleeding Cool last week. It was even less of a surprise taking into account that Joe was kind enough[...]
How Do You Reach Your Audience? – Try Bleeding Cool
You focus your efforts on those most likely to buy your products. And if you are marketing a comic book, film, youtube channel or even a new line of RPG miniatures then you should look at advertising opportunities here at Bleeding Cool The top Comic Book blog on the internet The number two movie blog[...]
Advertising On Bleeding Cool? You Know It Makes Sense.
There's spots below, skins, skyscrapers, all that, as well as more integrated advertising campaigns. If you'd like to discuss advertising or promotions on Bleeding Cool, contact Jim Kuhoric on After all, all sorts of people read Bleeding Cool Just ask Dave Sim who recently wrote; You know one of the reasons that I don't have Internet at[...]
Advertise On Bleeding Cool By Talking To This Man
Okay folks, with San Diego Comic Con round the corner, it's time to start talking money. And I don't just mean how much you'll be able to flog that Walking Dead Compendium on eBay for after the show. Bleeding Cool has been increasing its audience and prominence of late, so that I'm regularly getting e-mails asking how[...]
Swipe File: DC Comics Vs Image Comics
DC's new San Diego Comic Con advertising campaign… and Image's Experience Creativity advertising campaign that has been running for months. DC Comics rarely use images of creators on advertising campaigns I wonder what could have inspired them to change their minds? In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree[...]
That Farmers Insurance Avengers TV Ad
This will have been the conversation. "Okay people, our next TV ad for Farmers will be a tie in to the new Marvel movie The Avengers." "Why?" "Because if