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PrintWatch: The Nice House On The Lake, Justice League, Second Coming
Today we have two from DC Comics and one from Ahoy Comics that was originally announced as coming from DC Comics… PrintWatch: The Nice House On The Lake PrintWatch: The Nice House On The Lake #1 by James Tynion IV and Álvaro Martínez Bueno is going back to the mill for a third printing with a distressed[...]
Second Coming Resurrected Again in AHOY Comics New Wave of Releases
Regardless, the controversial Second Coming was picked up by indie publisher AHOY Comics, and now the title, written by Mark Russell with art by Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk, is, appropriately, back for a second round with Second Coming: Only Begotten Son, along with a new slate of debut issues. Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #1[...]
Ahoy Comics announced that they would delay the publication of two of their upcoming titles in light of the coronavirus pandemic affecting businesses worldwide The debut issue of Ash & Thorn, a story about a septuagenarian who becomes the reluctant savior of the world, will be delayed from April 1st until 29th April In addition,[...]
Ahoy Comics to Publish Controversial Jesus Comic, Second Coming
Ahoy Comics has picked up Second Coming, the controversial comic by Mark Russell and Richard Pace that was originally set to be published by Vertigo until DC Comics, under assault from conservative religious groups, trying to find their way under a new corporate organization, and still suffering from the effects of showing Batman's naked penis[...]