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Akuma Will Be Coming To The "Teppen" Roster In January

Coem cool news came out of the Teppen World Championship this weekend as we learned that Akuma will be coming in January He will join a new set of cards coming into the series called "The Force Seekers", bringing with him an aggressive style of gameplay The game will also be getting a brand new[...]

Street Fighter Akuma Stomr Collectibles

Street Fighter Favorite Akuma Coming from Storm Collectibles

Street Fighter favorite Akuma is the latest character from Street Fighter 5 to be coming from Storm Collectibles He will be shipping in March for the price of $70 Three interchangeable heads along with many sets of hands will be included, along with gohadoken effect There will also be a stand included.AKUMA (named as GOUKI[...]

'Street Fighter V' Players Showing Why Akuma Is Now The Worst Character

Posts have been going up on Twitter lately to show that Akuma, the original badass of the badasses from SF2T, is easily defeated within two combos The videos below are pretty devastating, and there are plenty more where that came from as people are taking every character in the game and showing exactly what they can[...]