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An Open Letter To Axnar's Alec Peters From Siike Donnelly

Siike Donnelly is a comic book  creator. He writes an open letter to Alec Peters, who recently responded to Paramount's guidelines for Star Trek fan films, considering his own planned and crowdfunded film Axnar. Dear Alec Peters, You don't own any percentage of the Star Trek IP. Recap time. You have an idea for a […]

Axanar's Alec Peters Responds To The Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines

In a statement obtained by Bleeding Cool, Star Trek: Axanar executive producer Alex Peters called new guidlines for Star Trek fan films "tailor-made to shut down all of the major fan productions and stifle fandom." He also said it was "disheartening" to see the studios fail to embrace the fans and fan-works which have helped sustain the […]

Alec Peters' Statement On The Star Trek Axanar Lawsuit

Citing disappointment that he first learned of the suit via industry publications, Star Trek: Axanar co-writer and producer Alec Peters said in a statement obtained by Bleeding Cool that he hopes to discuss "solutions with all parties that can be mutually beneficial." Early today, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Paramount and CBS are suing Peters and […]

Reaction To The Star Trek Axanar Lawsuit On Social Media

In the wake of the news that Paramount Pictures and CBS are suing Axanar Productions, the makes of the Star Trek fan film, Star Trek: Axanar, the reaction was immediate on social media. First, actor Tony Todd, who appeared in the Prelude to Axanar short film and is credited as playing Starfleet Admiral Marcus Ramirez, […]