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Own a Schomburg Finest in Thrilling Comics #60 from ComicConnect!
Alex Schomburg is one of the most prolific and celebrated artists from the Golden Age of comics The Puerto Rican born artist had one of the most significant impacts on comic art during his lifetime, creating some of the most memorable and beautiful covers from that era Some of his most prolific covers include Startling[...]
Futurama Fans: Here's a Rare Shot at the Bender Prototype
After 80+ years of riding the tides of American pop culture, sometimes even the most obscure characters and titles of decades past wash ashore on the modern media landscape and leave a bigger impression than their original creators would have imagined. An obscure Marvel/Atlas comic from 1956 like Mystery Tales #40 can show up out of[...]
Silver for Timely's Golden Age and Gold for Marvel's Silver Age
Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Alex Schomburg and others weren't afraid to ruffle feathers by turning real-world threats into a limitless rogue's gallery of villains. The comic book covers were action packed and stories contained the kind of reckless abandon you wouldn't find in a DC comic Timely's flavor had spice, if not at the cost of[...]