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Animal Castle #1 Sells Out, ABLAZE plans 2nd Printing
The European series by writer Xavier Dorison and artist Felix Delep is a political satire that riffs on George Orwell's Animal Farm about an animal rebellion that sets up a new system of governance only for tensions between different animal factions to result in more conflict The 2nd printing of Animal Castle #1 will be[...]
Orwell: SelfMadeHero Publishes Graphic Biography of 1984 Writer
Self-taught and brilliant artist Sébastien Verdier provides the art. "Orwell" cover art, SelfMadeHero As the official book synopsis goes: "Big Brother… Room 101… Newspeak…" Even before his statue was unveiled outside the BBC in 2017, George Orwell was probably one of the most influential writers in the world, his most celebrated works – Animal Farm and 1984 –[...]
Expect A Tonne Of 1984 and Animal Farm Comics For 2021
But 1984 and Animal Farm? Absolutely These two warnings of the dangers of totalitarianism coming from the left, rather than the right, have become monumental literary works with an influence stretching across the globe Also, they have pigs in suits and head cages full of rats You can guarantee that the multi-media exploitation of these[...]
George Orwell’s Animal Farm Is Getting A Video Game
This morning, developer Nerial and publisher The Dairymen revealed that George Orwell's Animal Farm will be out next month The single-player adventure title will have you playing out Orwell's classic novel as you follow the animals from their initial uprising on The Farm to their conquest as a society Only for things to go in[...]
George Orwell’s Animal Farm Is Getting A Video Game
One of George Orwell's best-known novels, Animal Farm, will be turned into a video game to be released sometime this Fall Simply called Orwell's Animal Farm, the game is being developed by Nerial and published by The Dairymen The game itself will be more of an adventure title as you choose which animals to follow[...]