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Purr Evil: New from Image Comics, Mirka Andolfo & Laura Braga in July
In a hair-raising press release, Arancia Studio has revealed that the comic book world is about to get a lot more catty (in the best possible way) Introducing Purr Evil, a six-issue mini-series that will claw its way onto shelves in July, featuring the combined talents of superstar Mirka Andolfo (known for Unnatural, Mercy, Sweet[...]
Pumpkinhead #4 cover by Kyle Strahm and Greg Smallwood
One thing of significance happens in the Sheriff's part of the plot, but everything around it is of little consequence. I know I'm damning with fine praise here, but I did quite enjoy the parts with Pumpkinhead fighting the demon that was chasing Haggis (sorry, I forget which demon is chasing her). Pumpkinhead #4 art by Blacky[...]
Pumpkinhead #3 Cover by Kyle Strahm and Greg Smallwood
This fight between the demons is so hyped, but the comic decides to hold it off until the next issue. Pumpkinhead #3 art by Blacky Shepherd and Arancia Studios The color work of Arancia Studio adds some off-beat vibrancy to the book I won't say that the coloring of this book is great; it often comes off[...]