Pumpkinhead #3 Review: Quit Interrupting the Demon Fight

The Sheriff and her deputy take Bunt to the Kinkades in the hopes of figuring out what happened to the Bellworths. Elsewhere, Pumpkinhead is closing in on Clayton and the remaining Bellworths, but the other demons have been summoned. The demons for Sloth, Lust, and Envy are attacking the Vengeance demon, Pumpkinhead. Another assails the Kinkades while the Sheriff, Deputy Darryl, and Bunt are there.

Pumpkinhead #3 Cover by Kyle Strahm and Greg Smallwood
Pumpkinhead #3 Cover by Kyle Strahm and Greg Smallwood

Pumpkinhead #3 kicks up the action once more with a demon-brawling issue spanning the county. We get to see Pumpkinhead tangle with the other demons while the Sheriff tries to keep herself and the Kinkades alive.

While the demons have great designs, this action beat should kickstart the comic a bit more than it does. Unfortunately, the art is where this comic falters somewhat. While it looks fine, Blacky Shepherd's artwork doesn't convey movement all that well. There is some sense of motion, but it's oddly slight and hindered by the framing. Plus, the backgrounds look oddly flat compared to the foreground figures.

Southern Gothic-inspired narrative mixed with some interesting characters across the board keeps some of the interest in the comic.

The comic strays a lot from this climactic fight, and it disappears halfway through the book. This fight between the demons is so hyped, but the comic decides to hold it off until the next issue.

Pumpkinhead #3 art by Blacky Shepherd and Arancia Studios
Pumpkinhead #3 art by Blacky Shepherd and Arancia Studios

The color work of Arancia Studio adds some off-beat vibrancy to the book. I won't say that the coloring of this book is great; it often comes off as—well, off. But it's not especially bad either.

Pumpkinhead #3 is a solid script that unfortunately flounders somewhat in the visuals. Admittedly, if the comic had a bit more going on than just a demon fight then their might have been more of a safety net. It doesn't help that the big fight is frustratingly put on pause. It's still not a bad comic, and there are redeeming qualities. If you have enjoyed Dynamite's Pumpkinhead mini thus far, you will still likely enjoy this comic well enough. Otherwise, it isn't quite worth your time or money.

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