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Batman Has His Very Own Armory With New Hot Toys Collectible

Batman Has His Very Own Armory With New Hot Toys Collectible

Batman has had so many suits over the years and it is almost hard to remember the long list of them. Hot Toys is here to help with their newest Armory collection piece. We have already seen two of these collectible pieces with Iron Man and Spider-Man. This time it is Batman's turn from Arkham Knight. […]

Batgirl Takes on Gotham with New Hot Toys Figure

Batgirl Takes on Gotham with New Hot Toys Figure

The Batman: Arkham Knight figure line keeps getting bigger as Batgirl joins the fight. It looks like Hot Toys is bringing more of the Bat family together as this heroine has arrived. This portrayal is based on her appearance of her from the hit video game Batman franchise. The black and gold costume is great fit […]

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Batman Travels of the Year 3000 with New Prime 1 Studio Statue

Batman has had a wide variety of costume changes in his time as the caped crusader. The video game world easily takes advantage of these costumes as alternate outfits that the character can play as. One of Batman's most famous games is the Batman: Arkham Asylum franchise. Prime 1 Studio is taking another look at Batman Arkham […]

How the Arkham Knight Ruins Batman's Life in Detective Comics #1001 (Spoilers)

How the Arkham Knight Ruins Batman's Life in Detective Comics #1001 (Spoilers)

With Detective Comics #1000 in the can, it's time to start the long trudge towards #2000, one issue at a time, starting with today's Detective Comics #1001 by Peter J. Tomasi, Brad Walker, and Andrew Hennessy. And after Detective Comics #1000 brought us the DC Comics debut of Batman's latest and greatest nemesis, the Arkham […]

New Batman: Arkham Knight 2-Pack Features Oracle And Batgirl

Barbara Gordon has had two distinct alter-egos over the years. As the first Batgirl she fought for justice alongside the Caped Crusader and the rest of the Batman family. And after the events of the Killing Joke, Barbara's strength and intelligence kept her in the crime-fighting game as Oracle, the information backbone of the DC […]

Prime 1 Reveals Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood Statue

Prime 1 Studio has revealed their new Red Hood statue from the Batman: Arkham Knight line. The Red Hood has an interesting history of criminal activity from the early days of Batman's career where multiple people wore the hood including The Joker leading up to the accident that made him who he is today. Now, […]

Arkham Knight Batman Statue From Prime 1 Studio

The Arkham video game line has been hugely popluar, spinoff comics, toys and even other video games. Sideshow is now offering up a very limited edition polystone statue designed by Prime 1 Studios based on the Batman from Arkham Knight. The statues is almost 3 feet tall (34 inches) and weight 54 lbs. That's one […]

Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year Selection: #35-#18

One of my great pleasures in doing a lot of my game's writing is playing as many games as possible and handing out awards at the end of the year. Game of the Year is something I look forward to immensely, allowing me to look back on the last 12 months of games and really […]

Batman V Superman Batsuit And Batmobile Are Free In Arkham Knight On Consoles

The internet is currently abuzz with the Batman v Superman talk as everyone mulls over the value of the trailer that hit overnight (which I thought was alright.) And as if it was planned, the Batman V Superman Batsuit and Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight are now going for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Will Be Back On Steam This Week

It was pretty unprecedented move back in June when WB Games pulled Batman: Arkham Knight from Steam, in order to fix huge issues with the version. It was said then that it would be re-listed when the game was running optimally, but despite a few patches since, the game hasn't re-emerged for sale. This week, […]

Batman V Superman And Batman Begins Batsuits Coming To Arkham Knight

The Batman: Arkham Knight DLC has been trundling out ever since the game's release now. While a lot of the content has underwhelmed, there is no denying that there is a lot of it. The skins for Batman, his allies and the Batmobile have certainly been pretty neat though, especially as the 1989 Batman Skins […]

Both Mortal Kombat X And Arkham Knight Have Sold 5 Million Copies Each

WB Games has been on a little bit of a roll this year. They've released several hits in Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat X, LEGO Jurassic World and LEGO Dimensions, with maybe only Mad Max being the lukewarm release. (And even then, I think it's a really cool game). Three of those games have done incredibly […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Will Return To PC At The End Of October

Batman: Arkham Knight's PC port is really something. WB Games unprecedentedly pulled the game from Steam back in June, when it was revealed to be a very buggy version of the game. Rocksteady have since been working on the port getting it to a place where they are happy. It is now October, and while […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Will Return To PC 'In The Coming Weeks'

It's pretty crazy that Batman: Arkham Knight hit in June, the PC version was pulled just a little while after and here we are going into October still waiting for its rerelease. This whole saga has been pretty unprecedented, but at least Rocksteady are taking their time to get the port right this time. Thankfully, […]

Catwoman Is Getting Her Own DLC In Batman: Arkham Knight

The Batman: Arkham Knight DLC has been a bit of a mess. There have been some neat cosmetics add to the game, but the story content in particular has disappointed many fans of those following. Well, Rocksteady are going to have a few more bites at that apple with the release of a ton of […]

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Interim Patch Has Been Released

The Batman: Arkham Knight on PC story has been kind of nuts. The game notoriously launched in a terrible state, causing WB Games and Rocksteady to pull the version of the game from Steam in an unprecedented move. That was back in June. Now, in early September, the 'interim' patch has finally been released. A […]