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New Avengers Forever Infinity Comic Ties In With Donny Cates' Thor?
Today saw Marvel Comics drop a new digital comic book series, Avengers Forever Infinity by Jason Aaron and Kev Walker, without mentioning it anywhere, to accompany the publication of Avengers Forever and Avengers., also written by Aaron Avengers Forever Infinity #1 tells the story of one of the many-dimensional Earths that was destroyed by[...]
Avengers Forever #4 Has Surprise Comics Appearance Of MCU Character
Today's conclusion to Avengers Forever #4, the series that has seen the Avengers dive headfirst into the multiverse and has pulled out all manner of Avengers and their foes in a variety of dimensional forms and identities Including those weaponised by the still unseen Avenger Prime What are the odds it will be Rick Jones?[...]
Tom Brevoort Says Avengers & Avengers Forever 'Collide In Holocaust'
Talking about the two titles Avengers and Avengers Forever, even as the former gets tied up in the X-Men/Eternals/Avengers crossover Judgment Day, that the two Avengers titles will be coming to a head together, as Avengers Forever focuses on multiversal aspect of Marvel comics right now And that the two books "converge from multiple points[...]
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It's Ghost Rider time! Today sees the publication of Avengers Forever #2, featuring the Multiverse Masters Of Evil, their attempt to destroy the multiverse, and the remnants of those trying to save it And with Robbie Reyes, Ghost Rider, kidnapped by the Black Skull, it gets very nasty very fast, as he is tortured with[...]
Cover image for Avengers Forever #1
Tony Stark is back on the sauce in this preview of Avengers Forever #1 He's so drunk he thinks he's Ant-Man! Check out the preview below. Avengers Forever #1 MARVEL COMICS OCT210783 OCT210784 – AVENGERS FOREVER #1 SCALERA VAR – $4.99 OCT210786 – AVENGERS FOREVER #1 DAUTERMAN VAR – $4.99 (W) Jason Aaron (A / CA) Aaron Kuder AN ALL-NEW SERIES STARRING[...]
Pages From Avengers Forever #1, And The Hammer Of All-Vengeance
Avengers Forever #1 by Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder sees the launch of the Multiversal Avengers series, set up over the past few years, and also reflected with the finale of the What If..? TV series And we have managed to get a teased look at some of the black-and-white illustrations within… which versions of[...]
Avengers Forever #1 cover by Aaron Kuder
Last week Marvel Comics announced a new series called Avengers Forever, by Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder, or Jason Aaron Kuder, rehashing the fondly-remembered 1998 series of the same name by Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, and Carlos Pacheco, and thus satisfying the House of Ideas requirement of being one Joe Quesada's 22 Cheap Sales-Boosting Gimmicks[...]
Marvel Announces Avengers Forever From Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder
"In Marvel Comics' 'Avengers Forever',  @jasonaaron and @AaronKuder present an all-new series that will redefine the Avengers as…the Multiverse's Mightiest Heroes #MarvelComics"  Jason Aaron has been writing the Avengers series for many years now, expanding the roster in the type of Marvel character who can be an Avenger, as well as writing a long storyline with Mephisto revealed[...]