Tom Brevoort Says Avengers & Avengers Forever 'Collide In Holocaust'

On the Forbidden Planet TV podcast talking to Andrew Sumner, Marvel Senior Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has been talking about upcoming plans, including what's happening with Jason Aaron and the Avengers comics. Talking about the two titles Avengers and Avengers Forever, even as the former gets tied up in the X-Men/Eternals/Avengers crossover Judgment Day, that the two Avengers titles will be coming to a head together, as Avengers Forever focuses on multiversal aspect of Marvel comics right now. And that the two books "converge from multiple points of view until eventually at the end of the year everything will collide in a big catastrophic holocaust. The two books can be read separately, somewhat, but they do intertwine in interesting ways and really the best reading experience is to be following both of them as we go along."

Tom Brevoort Says Avengers & Avengers Forever 'Collide In Holocaust'
Tom Brevoort on Forbidden Planet podcast, screencap

Tom Brevoort also mentioned Dan Slott's Reckoning War event playing out in the Fantastic Four titles, saying "he's actually been seeding little bits and pieces of stuff that we'll use in this storyline all the way through any number of projects that he's written in the past. But even if you haven't read, you know, every book that Dan has ever written because, really who has, hopefully we provide a clean enough entry point in the Fantastic Four Reckoning War #1."

Here's a look at those upcoming Avengers and Avengers Forever solicits from which one may be able to determine more clues…

(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Aaron Kuder
WAR FOR THE WASTELANDS! Tony Stark, the Invincible Ant-Man. Robbie Reyes, a Ghost Rider unlike any other from across the multiverse, still changing, still becoming what he was always meant to be. A Deathlok who refuses to die. A brutally two-fisted Wonder Man. A half-built Vision. The Infinity Thing. Together, they're all that passes for Earth's Mightiest Heroes on a world overrun by the Black Skull. But on this day, a day unlike any other, they'll have to be enough. Rated T+In Shops: Mar 02, 2022 SRP: $3.99

(W) Jason Aaron (A) Juan Frigeri (CA) Garron, Javier
Doctor Doom and his Multiversal Masters of Evil have come hunting Deathloks. And now there's only one Deathlok left, trapped inside the rubble of a besieged Avengers Mountain. Just in time for a new group of Avengers to rise from the ruins, with new members and at least one Avenger having been wildly transformed. And just who is the cosmic general who commands the Deathloks, the mysterious Avenger Prime? RATED T+In Shops: Mar 16, 2022 SRP: $3.99

(W) Jason Aaron (A) Jim Towe (CA) Aaron Kuder
THE RETURN OF THE GODDESSES OF THUNDER! Atli, Ellisiv and Frigg are the granddaughters of Old King Thor, last seen during the end of Jason Aaron's landmark THOR run. Now the Goddesses of Thunder are back, sailing the wild cosmic seas, chasing the thunder that echoes across universes… and hunting for fallen hammers. RATED T+In Shops: Mar 23, 2022 SRP: $3.99

(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Garron, Javier
THE COMING OF THE NIGHTHAWK Last seen during the events of HEROES REBORN, Nighthawk of the Squadron Supreme of America returns to the scene with a dark and mysterious purpose. Is he friend or foe to the Avengers? Nobody's sure. But there are no such questions about the deadly new incarnation of the Serpent Society! RATED T+In Shops: Apr 20, 2022 SRP: $3.99

(W) Jason Aaron (A) Jim Towe (CA) Aaron Kuder
THE DOOM OF ALL DOOMS! All we know about the leader of the new Multiversal Masters of Evil is that he calls himself Doom Supreme and that universe after universe keeps crumbling before him. But in a multiverse filled with world-conquering versions of Victor Von Doom, what makes this one the Doom Above All? RATED T+In Shops: Apr 27, 2022

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