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Alfred Pennyworth - Guns Don't Kill Parents, People Kill Parents?
In the most recent issue of The Batman's Grave by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, Alfred Pennyworth has to face an intruder into Wayne Manor One heart-eating Mister Stirk And Alfred without a Batarang to his name That's okay, he manages to produce a far older gadget used for fighting crime – or, indeed, committing[...]
For TheBatman's Grave #9, Bryan Hitch Takes It On The Chin
The Batman's Grave #9 by Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair was published by DC Comics the other week And a few people had questions about one panel early on on the issue Basically… what happened to Batman's chin? For The Batman's Grave #9, Bryan Hitch Takes It On The Chin Bryan Hitch gave an explanation[...]
Batman's Grave
I didn't see it in The Batman's Grave first two issues but it's there if you look And clearer in a couple of very specific panels Because Bryan Hitch is using Sir David Niven as a model for Alfred Pennyworth You know David Niven?   That's the fellow English actor, memoirist and novelist, notable acting roles included[...]
Alfred Pennyworth Critiques Batman as a Rich Man Just Beating Up Poor People
This week's The Batman's Grave when it wasn't reinventing the Wayne family graves, alongside the freakiest gift that loving parents can get their child, and getting thematically interrupted by adverts for chocolate bars, had Alfred Pennyworth destroying the entire concept of The Batman. It would have been cheaper to buy Gotham Or, at least, buy off[...]