French Publishers To Boycott Angoulême Unless Changes Are Made

After a number of embarrassing events in recent weeks, a conglomerate of large and small publishers have called for the Angoulême festival to undergo a radical overhaul supervised by someone appointed by the Minister of Culture. In a statement released yesterday, 41 comic book publishers announced that they have decided not to participate next year if a change […]

Hermann Will Accept The Angoulême Grand Prix If Offered To Him

Recently, we reported that none of the three nominees were likely to accept this year's Grand Prix from the Angoulême festival, after considerable controversy and change over the nominees.Both Alan Moore and Hermann had previously said they would refuse the award and new nominee Claire Wendling asked her fans not to vote for her.However, ACBD reports that[...]

Does Anyone Actually Want The Angoulême Grand Prix?

And Claire Wendling, the subject of a campaign by comics writer Jean-David Morvan.Website BDGest decided to put the boot in with this infographic.Wendling, a famous name in France, moved to the USA to work in animation and games, but her work is incredibly influential worldwide Nevertheless, compared to the other two, her comic book body of work[...]

10 Page Preview Of Trondheim And Keramidas' Mickey Mouse, Released

We previously reported on a new initiative by Glenat Books to create brand new Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck titles from some less-than-traditional creators for such titles, Régis Loisel, Bernard Cosey, Tébo, Lewis Trondheim and Nicolas Keramidas. Well, we now have the cover, back and front, for the Lewis Trondheim and Nicolas Keramidas book, as well as a […]

Angoulême To Add Female Names To The Grand Prix Long List Of Nominees

They started with thirty. Then there were twenty-seven. Then there were twenty-four. Then there were twenty-two. And it was starting to look like they, as in the books of Agatha Christie, may be none. But as big name after big name withdrew from being nominated in the Angoulême Grand Prix, the most prestigious award in comics, […]

Now Christophe Blain And Pierre Christin Withdraw From Angoulême Grand Prix Over Lack Of Female Nominees – Over A Quarter Of All Names

FranceTVinfo adds two more Angouleme Grand Prix nominees withdrawing their name from the prize in protest against no women being selected for the thirty-strong list French creators Christophe Blain, of Quai d'Orsay and Pierre Christin of Valerian have now joined Milo Manara, Etienne Davodeau, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, Riad Sattouf and Joann Sfar making a total of eight out of the thirty, over […]

Katsuhiro Otomo's Poster For Angoulême 2016

It is traditional each year for the President of Angoulême, the biggest comic art festival in the world, to draw a poster for the show. And so this years president and winner of last year's Grand Prix Award  Katsuhiro Otomo, creator of Akira, has done so. He will also have a previously-unheard-of two-and-a-half hour presentation at […]

Greg Capullo Sponsors Paris' New, Biggest Comic Shop, Central Comics can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Greg Capullo speaks about Central-Comics, Paris ( Greg Capullo is the sponsor of a newly branded comic store, Central Comics, in Paris, France. Taking over from Apo K Lyps Comics, Central Comics promises to be the biggest comic shop in Paris, 90 m², with 250 000 back issues from the fifties till […]

Trailer For Mutafukaz, From Titan Comics (VIDEO)

Mutafukaz is the classic French punkish comic by Run getting an English translation by Titan Comics. Here's the trailer. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Mutafukaz Trailer ( Not so sure about the choice of music. Here's a brief preview…

Delcourt Closes Soleil Offices In Toulon

DC Comics isn't the only big publisher moving offices right now. Soleil is a big comic book publisher in France, owned by Delcourt an even bigger comic boom publisher in France since 2011. Delcourt is going to close the Soleil offices in Toulon. Some of workers will have to move to Paris, but others will […]

The Angoulême Awards 2015 – Riad Sattouf To Chris Ware

The Angoulême Awards have now all been presented, as well as the Grand Prix Award to Katsuhiro Otomo and the Grand Prix Special Prize to Charlie Hebdo And it wouldn't be the only reference to that magazine in the prizes...The Gold Award for Best Album went to L'Arabe Du Futur Vol 1 by Riad Sattouf, published by Allary[...]

The Running Of The Bulles At Angoulême

Laurent Queyssi writes for Bleeding Cool, The Angoulême Comics Festival isn't your typical comic-book convention. The publishers' and booksellers' booths, the exhibitions, the conferences, they don't all take place in one single place but are spread throughout the city. Which means walking a lot in the cold (sometimes the rain) to go from one tent (called Bulles) […]

North America Hits South France – More Looks At Angoulême 2015

@LEATV_ @SeanMurphyLA @Ssnyder1835” — LEATV (@LEATV_) January 30, 2015Made a comic about being in Angoulême, France — Ben Rankel (@benrankel) February 1, 2015I do hope they all go here as well... This looks awesome A Jack Kirby exhibit at #Angouleme Photo by JD Morvan #Darkseid #comics — Pat Loika (@patloika) January 28, 2015Expo[...]

The Look Of Charlie Hebdo At Angoulême 2015…

After the events of early January, this year's Angoulême was always going to be dominated by expressions of support and memorial to French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, those who died and were injured in the attack and to free speech as a whole.There were marches by comic creators and an address from the President, there were walls and[...]

It's Official – The New Asterix Is Released On 22nd October 2015

Forget Star Wars #1. Forget Attack On Titan. The best selling comic book on 2015 will be released on October 22nd. The 36th, and as yet unnamed, volume of Asterix. [youtube][/youtube] The last volume, Asterix And The Picts, also by Jean-Yves Ferri and illustrated by Didier Conrad. sold out its first French print run of two […]

Katsuhiro Otomo Wins Grand Prix And Presidency For Angoulême 2016

His acceptance speech is below.[youtube][/youtube]Otomo won with 38% of the vote, against Alan Moore and Hermann.A special prize has also been given to the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo has won the Grand Prix for Angoulême, recognising a comic book creator's contribution to the artform[...]

The Bill Watterson Exhibition – In Angoulême, And Around The World

The Bill Watterson – The Quest for Calvin and Hobbes exhibition has opened in Angoulême, at the start of the largest comics art festival in the world. Watterson was voted Grand Prix President last and so, while not attending, he did create a new strip for their poster and helped curate the display. Exhibited are original art […]