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Superior Spider-Man On Big Bang Theory
Superior Spider-Man made for a moment on last night's Big Bang Theory. [youtube][/youtube] So how did Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott react? Raj likes SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN! :-O #BigBangTheory (Did THAT just happen?!! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!) — Dan Slott (@DanSlott) September 27, 2013 Apparently so… Superior Spider-Man made for a moment on last night's Big Bang Theory. [youtube][/youtube] So how did Superior[...]
Revolution Flat, Hannibal Troughing, Scandal Peaking – The Week In TV Ratings
Unfortunately for CBS, this didn't bring great numbers all round, with every show receiving a series low. First up, The Big Bang Theory aired, losing a full rating point, to a 4.2 Similarly, Two And A Half Men also got a series low at 2.8 In the 9PM and 10PM drama hours, Person Of Interest got a 2.4 and Elementary hit a low 2.0. Amusingly,[...]
The Television Show That Loves You, Just A Little Bit
I have been a bit down on The Big Bang Theory, it's true Especially when it's had most popular current portrayal of the comic shop and the people who shop there in the media And is merciless in it's cruelty. Last night's episode was the same A shop full of lovely men without girlfriends, berating themselves[...]
An Editor Writes About The Big Bang Theory And Comic Shops
She wanted to share her thoughts on the recent coverage Bleeding Cool had run on tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory and the online reaction She writes; Hey, Rich! Just wanted to say I LOVE the pieces you're running about the Big Bang Theory – I saw a lot of people on your boards yesterday[...]
Disproving The Big Bang Theory
Or should that be disapproving of The Big Bang Theory? [youtube][/youtube] Yesterday, we ran an article on the trailer to tomorrow's episode which seems to give a rather female-unfriendly impression of comic stores And also a comic store-unfriendly impression of females. Living in London, shopping at Gosh, Orbital and Forbidden Planet, there certainly seem to be plenty of[...]
Big Bang Theory
CBS's promotion for Big Bang Theory's new episode this week has been running an… eyebrow-raising promo. "And the girls go… where no woman has gone before…" The comic shop apparently Because women, or girls, just don't go there Ever Until now, according to the trailer for the new episode of The Big Bang Theory[...]
Are You A Woman? Have You Actually Been Inside A Comic Shop?
Until now, according to the trailer for the new episode of The Big Bang Theory. If you are a women who has ever, I don't know, been to a comic shop of their own volition, feel free to send us evidence of this and we'll run a nice big post ahead of tomorrow's episode of The[...]
Big Bang Theory Biting The Green Ring That Feeds It
It's been pointed out that The Big Bang Theory, produced by Warner Bros TV, is pretty much in bed with DC Comics From choice of cosplay, to the new 52 displayed prominently, it's what' called synergy. But not even that could protect a certain summer blockbuster from geek scorn this week From the show's pre-title sequence… SHELDON:[...]
The Television Show That Hates You
When Big Bang Theory began, it presented geek culture to a mainstream audience in a relatively amusing fashion It was mocking, but a kind of self-mocking The audience enjoyed a kind of visceral geekness, sharing in the joy of a pre-Crisis issue of Flash, a Green Lantern lantern or even, more recently, seduction via the first appearance[...]
Jim Lee Draws Leonard As Lion-O In The Big Bang Theory
Last night's Big Bang Theory took place in the local comic store, still full of first issues of the New 52 from DC Comics But it was other properties that got highlighted last night, with John Byrne's Next Men being picked up as the first appearance of Hellboy, and Leonard showing off his Jim Lee[...]
The Big Bang Theory Suits Up For DC Comics
From DC Comics shipping this week; To advertise The Big Bang Theory going into syndication, this ad is appearing in DC comic books on sale tomorrow You may begin your analysis… now. Sigh I still remember this… Artwork by Pierre-Luc Boucher. From DC Comics shipping this week; To advertise The Big Bang Theory going into syndication, this ad is[...]
The Big Big Bang Theory Theory
The Big Bang Theory is Warner's hit sitcom that both celebrates and mocks geekdom in a variety of forms with a wealth of insular references to geek culture And owned by Warners, it's only natural that it looks to DC Comics for its comic book hooks (although if they need a[...]
DC Relaunch: The Big Bang Theory In Comic Stores
Well now it's payback time. The sitcom that's just not as good as Spaced or The IT Crowd, The Big Bang Theory is going into syndication in America Which means it has made enough episodes to be repeated every day of the week on smaller TV channels, for an age, diluting any specialness[...]
Every Bazinga Ever Sheldoned
I have a problem with The Big Bang Theory My problem is that it is neither Spaced nor The IT Crowd which I understand is unfair But comoing across the  Robot Wars episode the other night was especially painful, as it was basically the exact same Spaced episode, just without the comedy Still, like a[...]
BC ComicChron
Until that day, read on. Big Bang Theory Gets DC Comics-Themed Ep At the risk of mixing nerd metaphors, "The Justice League Recombination" — a DC Comics-themed episode of The Big Bang Theory — promises to cause many disturbances in the force Penny is back with Zack (Brian Thomas Smith), that Tall Drink of Manbot from last[...]