Funko Weekly Round Up – Exclusives Game of Thrones and More

Funko Weekly Round Up – Exclusives, Game of Thrones and More

For the week of August 19 - 25 we got some amazing announcements from Funko.First, we have new Pop Pez dropping with two Bigfoot Pez coming soon! And speaking of Bigfoot, one of The Two Funko shop exclusive releases that dropped this week While these Funkos Pops are both currently sold out, it is good[...]

Funko ECCC 2018 Exclusives Part 5: Cuphead Freddy Funko Saga and More

Funko ECCC 2018 Exclusives Part 5: Cuphead, Freddy Funko, Saga, and More!

This fifth wave is a mixed bag of many things, including Cuphead, Saga, Mad Max, Scott Pilgrim, Freddy Funko, and Bigfoot to name a few.First up is Cagney Carnation from the widely-popular game Cuphead What a great looking Pop!Speaking of games, they will also have a sweet Street Fighter 2 shirt available in a sweet[...]

And Finally&#8230 Bigfoot In Yellowstone

And Finally… Bigfoot In Yellowstone?

By Octavio Karbank[youtube][/youtube]Has somebody finally shot footage of the elusive Bigfoot? According to Youtuber Mary Greeley, she has While the video appeared a couple months ago, it recently experienced newfound popularity and attention Even though the majority of the video showcases four bison wandering around, things get interesting a little after the 2:50 mark[...]

Bigfoot… And the Making of a Monster

Bigfoot… And the Making of a Monster

Joshua Henaman writes,What originally began as a two-part series detailing the journey of self-publishing my sword, sorcery and sasquatch epic, Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman, has appropriately evolved into what I now consider, “The Further Adventures of…”You can catch up on part one and part two here:As an indie-creator heading into the summer months[...]

Comic Books Bigfoot And Beer

Comic Books, Bigfoot And Beer

Joshua Henaman writes;“Bigfoot… with a broadsword.”That’s how I would pitch it to people And from that one simple line, I was able to get the average convention-goer to stop and go, “Oh? That sounds awesome!”It also helped that I had a 7 ft tall Bigfoot standee beside me.But how did I get it to the[...]

Bigfoot And The Great Idea Machine

Bigfoot And The Great Idea Machine

Yet, no one was willing to hold open that door.And then NASA’s Spirit rover took a photo.Mockingly, various news sources screamed, “It’s Bigfoot! Bigfoot’s on Mars!” and within five minutes of stumbling across the image, I wrote this: The dying planet needed a hero…A world of dinosaurs, warring tribes, kingdoms and sorcery,It cried out for someone[...]

Bobcat Goldthwait Finishing Up His Bigfoot Movie Willow Creek

Bobcat Goldthwait Finishing Up His Bigfoot Movie, Willow Creek

though it hasn't been released, and I haven't seen it.But I have been speaking to some folk about it, and it sounds intriguing.Willow Creek will be a found footage film about bigfoot Perhaps there's been too many of those recently, but this one isn't a schlocky horror picture Goldthwait has apparently mixed satire with some suspense[...]