bill everett

Super Weird Heroes v2.4: We Never Sleep

The story behind this particular Super Weird Hero starts — as many such stories did in those times — with a man named Everett "Busy" Arnold. As Wikipedia puts it, the company that published The Eye, the… um, character? … which is my subject today from Craig Yoe's Super Weird Heroes Volume 2, (in stores […]

AC Comics

Pre-Comics Code Comics Horror: AC Comics April 2018 Solicits

Crypt of Horror is a collection of pre-Comics Code Authority horror from the 1950s. AC Comics is bringing us Volume 36 of this collection in this coming April. It includes creators such as Bill Everett, Ross Andru, Steve Ditko, Wally Wood, Joe Kubert, George Tuska, and much more. More details below. CRYPT OF HORROR #36 Much of […]

A New Rights Issue Waiting To Happen – Namor, The Sub-Mariner?

So we have rumours of a Namor The Sub Mariner movie planned, wither at Universal of Marvel depending who is talking. But here is a very interesting point to touch about a supposed Namor movie. He is one of the rare Marvel characters that has an actual, 100% solid rights-reversion case. Here's how it goes. The […]