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Dynamite Digital Collection Sale Today Only
They have over 400 titles to choose from including James Bond, Wonder Woman '77 Meets the Bionic Woman, Pathfinder, Red Sonja and more Featuring the works of Kieron Gillen, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, George RR Martin, Alex Ross, Benjamin Percy, Andy Diggle and many other creators.  But this is the final day of the sale[...]
Exclusive Look At The Women Of Dynamite Titles Shipping In March 2017
Plus the fourth issue of Wonder Woman '77 / The Bionic Woman. ARMY OF DARKNESS/XENA: FOREVER…AND A DAY #6 (of 6) Cover A: Moritat Writer: Scott Lobdell Art: Diego Galindo Ash met Xena the Newborn! Pirate Xena hired Ash as her first mate! They even fought Nazi Deadites to keep America safe in the final days of World[...]
Exclusive Early Look At The Women Of Dynamite Titles Shipping February 2017
These are the Women of Dynamite titles and include the second issue of the new Red Sonja series, the third issue of Wonder Woman '77 / The Bionic Woman, Army of Darkness / Xena: Forever… And a Day #5 and Pathfinder: Worldscape #5. ARMY OF DARKNESS / XENA: FOREVER…AND A DAY #5 (of 6) Cover A: Kyle[...]
Wonder Woman '77 Meets Bionic Woman In Dynamite's December 2016 Solicitations
We've got Dynamite's full solicitations for December 2016 and they are headlined by the meeting that would have dominated TV ratings in 1977… Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman The Dynamite / DC collaboration brings the Linda Carter version of Wonder Woman to meet the Lindsay Wagner version of Jamie Sommers We also get a[...]
45 Thoughts About 45 Of Today's Comics – Gotham By Midnight, Arkham Manor, Trees, ODY-C, Sheltered, Batman Eternal, Superman, Catwoman, Wayward, Infinity Man, Future's End, World's End, Wolverine & The X-Men, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, American Legends x2, Adventure Time, Bee and PuppyCat, Bionic Woman, Butterfly, Capture Creatures, Clive Barker's Nightbreed, Shadow Show, Godzilla, Dead Letters, Dr. Spektor, Flash Gordon, Memetic, Judge Dredd, Purgatori, Red Sonja, Steampunk Battlestar Galactica, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, Turok, Samurai Jack, Transformers x2, GI Joe, GI Joe Vs. Transformers, Angry Birds/Transformers, TMNT, TMNT/Ghostbusters, X-Files, Edward Scissorhands
Good to see that "That Awkward Moment When…" is a cultural universality. Angry Birds/Transformers #1 hits the stands as civilisation falls. But no more than with your regular Transformers: Drift: Empire of Stone #1 I suppose. Bee And PuppyCat #6 gives us a fine Fat Bastard impersonation – but didn't he prefer babies to cakes? Is she ready? Looks[...]
39 Thoughts About 39 Comics – Earth Two, Transformers (x2), Arkham Manor, Harley Quinn, My Little Pony, Rot & Ruin, Regular Show, Bee & Puppycat, GI Joe, Hellraiser, Lazarus, Judge Anderson, Buffy, The Wicked + The Divine, Zero, Father's Day, Bionic Woman, Borderlands, Edward Scissorhands, Butterfly, Godzilla (x2), Dungeons & Dragons,  Justice Inc, X-Files (x2), Nightbreed, Lady Zorro, Memetic, All-New X-Factor, Samurai Jack, Super Secret Crisis War, Starlight, Steampunk Battlestar Galactica, TMNT/Ghostbusters, Twilight Zone, Vampirella
From Bionic Woman #2 If you have to ask… from Borderlands #3. Butterfly #2 may have daddy issues But then, clearly, so has Daddy. But nothing like those expressed in Father's Day #1. And Lazarus has a lot of work to do with her own… Is Duke McQueen in Starlight #6 meant to be Bagpuss now? "A little loose at[...]
32 Thoughts About 32 Comics – Batman Eternal, Multiversity, Thor, Original Sin, Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine & The X-Men, Miles Morales, Trees, Supreme, Sirens, All New X-Men, Deadpool, Gwen Stacy, Superior Spider-Man, The Shadow, Solar, Purgatori, The Wicked + The Divine, Devilers, Translucid, Bionic Woman, Hellraiser, Storyteller,  Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Cataclysm, Turtles In Time, X-Files, Transformers, Maxx, Littlest Pet Shop And Judge Dredd
Maybe they should… Bionic Woman #1 give us a scene that, if you could monetise it safely, could make you millions at a Bionic Woman theme park. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends #1 exposes the innermost fears of any monster, from the important to the trivial No one has punched anyone over it yet. Godzilla: Cataclysm #2 has[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite In December
These are focusing on the iconic Women of Dynamite, the Chaos titles and Bob's Burgers. THE BIONIC WOMAN: SEASON FOUR #4 Writer: Brandon Jerwa Art: David T Cabrera Cover A Main: David T Cabrera FC 32 Pages Teen+ 12/24 It's the final issue of Dynamite's Bionic Woman revival! Jaime Sommers will do anything she can to escape North Eden…but not if[...]
Artist Spotlight – David T. Cabrera Of Dynamite's Bionic Woman
After getting started with Blue Water and Zenescope, Cabrera is now the interior artist on The Bionic Woman: Season 4 from Dynamite We turn the artist spotlight on this rising talent… BLEEDING COOL: How did you get started drawing? DAVID T CABRERA: As most of the artist, I begin to draw when I was a kid[...]
Dynamite Entertainment's Full September 2014 Solicitations
Included here are new series Ex-Con, Red Sonja: The Black Tower, Dawn/Vampirella, The Bionic Woman Season Four, Alice Cooper and Purgatori Quite the diverse offering there 38 items total. 1) EX-CON #1 Covers: Tim Bradstreet Writer: Duane Swierczynski Art: Keith Burns MARKETING DESCRIPTION: Dynamite is proud to Ex-Con, the next book in a series of creator driven comics – with[...]