Wonder Woman '77 Meets Bionic Woman In Dynamite's December 2016 Solicitations

We've got Dynamite's full solicitations for December 2016 and they are headlined by the meeting that would have dominated TV ratings in 1977… Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman. The Dynamite / DC collaboration brings the Linda Carter version of Wonder Woman to meet the Lindsay Wagner version of Jamie Sommers. We also get a new Green Hornet series by David Liss and Kewber Baal and a sneak peek at an upcoming Red Sonja series by Amy Chu and Carlos Gomez.

Cover A: Cat Staggs Cover B: Alex Ross Cover C: Michael Adams "Action Figure" Variant Cover D: Judit Tondora "Coloring Book" Variant Writer: Andy Mangels Art: Judit Tondora

Party like it's 1977 in this cross-over event fans have wanted for decades — but never thought possible! Now, Diana Prince meets Jaime Sommers… or should we say, Wonder Woman meets The Bionic Woman? In this action-packed mini-series, the two television titans team up to fight a rogue cabal bent on wreaking havoc and stealing deadly weapons. Can CASTRA be stopped before their real targets are revealed and lives are lost? With super powers, bionic enhancements, surprise villains, and an invisible plane, just about anything is possible!

WWBW01-Cov-A-Staggs WWBW01-Cov-B-Ross WWBW01-Cov-C-AdamsActionFig WWBW01-Cov-D-TondoroColoring

Cover: Nick Bradshaw Writer: Amy Chu Art: Carlos Gomez

The barbarian She-Devil with a Sword faces a whole different world and challenges in this new adventure written by Amy Chu and drawn by Carlos Gomez. Somewhere deep underground, strange and powerful demons clad in metal armor attack and roust Red Sonja from a deep magical sleep. Confused and weaponless, she must find a way to defeat these mysterious creatures, escape from her solitary prison, and make her way to the surface to discover where she is, and why she was put there…


Cover A: Ken Lashley Cover B: Anthony Marques Writer: David Liss Art: Kewber Baal

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery for most people, it could be the deadliest for The Green Hornet and Kato. With their vigilantism tearing apart organized crime, Chicago is visited by two more masked individuals: one claiming to be a friend and the other…their most formidable foe yet!

GreenHornet-2016-Cov-A-Lashley GreenHornet-2016-Cov-B-Marques

Cover: Ilias Kyriazis Writer: Charlaine Harris, Royal McGraw Art: Ilias Kyriazis

The official graphic novel adaptation of Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris, the author of The Southern Vampire Mysteries! Harper Connelly, a psychic capable of finding dead people and reading their last thoughts, discovers a grave in Memphis with two bodies: a man centuries dead, and a girl recently deceased. How the two bodies ended up together would be perplexing enough… but the sudden appearance of a third body the next morning makes this a mystery that perhaps even Connelly can't solve!

Layout 1

Cover: Jay Howell Writer: Rachel Hastings, Anneliese Waddington, Mark Von Der Heide, Jeff Drake, Brian Hall, Mike Olsen Art: Tom Connor, Anthony Aguinaldo, Kimball Shirley, Sara Richard, Circus Leveo, Marcelo Benavides, Maggie Harbaugh, Hector Reynoso, Anthony Imperato, Timothy Hopkins, Rich Wilkie, Mike Guerena

You'll lick your lips with this latest helping of the Belcher family, the stars of Fox Television's fan-favorite animated sitcom! Those delightful little scamps Tina, Gene, and Louise are always daydreaming of a life far from the reality of the family restaurant, whether they become boy-crazy martial artists, mutated chinchillas, or the knights of King Arthur's court! Satisfy with ample portions of hilarity, cooked to perfection by the fine folks at the Emmy Award-winning studio Bento Box Entertainment!


Art: Jason Smith, J. Scott Campbell

Only 49 of these gorgeous "Diamond Eye" Artist Proof edition statues exist in the whole world! An extremely Limited Edition Vampirella statue based on the work of comics sensation J. Scott Campbell and sculpted by the ever-talented Jason Smith, featuring our blood-craving heroine with a twinkle in her eye. Hand-painted on cold-cast porcelain, the Vampirella statue stands approximately 12" in height with a 6" base. This rare variant edition of the first Women of Dynamite statue – extremely limited in number – comes packaged in a four-color box with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The ravishing, raven-tressed vampire has never been so beautifully represented in three dimensions, the perfect addition to every hardcore fan's collection!


Art: Jason Smith; Michael Turner

Only 99 of these beautiful Artist Proof statues exist in the whole world! An extremely Limited Edition Purgatori statue based on the work of comics sensation Michael Turner and sculpted by the ever-talented Jason Smith, featuring the stark contrast of light and darkness, with just a touch of deep red to highlight our villainess's classic look. Hand-painted on cold-cast porcelain, the Purgatori statue stands approximately 12" in height (14" to the tip of her wings) with a 6" base. This rare Artist Proof edition of the Women of Dynamite: Purgatori statue – with its extremely limited production run – comes packaged in a four-color box with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. This lady's killer contours make an alluring addition to every hardcore fiend's collection!


Cover A: Nick Bradshaw Writer: Scott Lobdell Art: Elliot Fernandez, Diego Galindo

Once more into the breach as Ash is summoned back in time to help Xena. Only this time, he arrives at a point when she was Pirate Xena—scourge of all seven seas! He convinces her to take him on as first mate while they investigate a mysterious island named Eden! But all this time he's spending with her is making Ash wonder if they might have a future together…you know, after they get done saving the world?


Cover: Anthony Marques Writer: Elliott Serrano Art: Diego Galindo

He's faced off against demons in Hell. He's battled the dead in the future. He's even combated the armies of darkness in space. But Ash Williams has never gone up against evil in an arena like this: the political arena! From the writer who brought you "Hail to the Queen, Baby" and "Ash Saves Obama" comes the off-beat adventure that answers the question: "What if Ash Williams ran for President of the United States?" When the Necronomicon Ex Mortis gives him a cryptic message, Ash Williams enlists the help of a beautiful psychic to help him track down the agent of the "Great Darkness", an evil so great that it threatens both humankind and the demon realm. But what happens when the search for truth takes Ash on a trail that he never expected… the campaign trail?

"The Election Special is a thematic sequel (of sorts) to the "Ash Saves Obama" mini-series. Previously, I poked fun at all the ridiculous merchandising that surrounded Obama's first term as President. With the new one-shot, I get to have fun in the political realm and with the wacky things that politicians will often say. No matter what side of the aisle you're on, both sides have said their fair share of things that are just begging to get poked at." – Elliott Serrano


Cover A: Alex Sanchez Cover B Subscription: Michael Adams Writer: Cullen Bunn Art: Alex Sanchez

The combined forces of the Colonial Warriors and the Cylon Raiders fend off Count Iblis' fiendish armada. But Iblis is determined to have his vengeance against the enigmatic Seraphs, even if he has to sacrifice every living soul on the fleet to do it! As the battle reaches its epic conclusion, the Galactica embarks in a surprising new direction!

BSGClass2016-05-Cov-A-Sanchez BSGClass2016-05-Cov-B-ActionFig

Cover A: Alec Morgan Cover B: Pete Woods Writer: Karl Kesel Art: Alec Morgan

WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON? Gaius Baltar has rebuilt a Cylon Centurion, but has he successfully reprogrammed it— or is it simply waiting for the right moment to strike? Will it hunt down hidden Cylons within the fleet— or join them? Meanwhile, on occupied Caprica, Cavil intensifies his cruel game with the captured Simon— or is he putting pieces in place to help his fellow Cylon escape? And in both places, the Cylons are closing in on the humans…

BSG2016GM-02-Cov-A-Morgan BSG2016GM-02-Cov-B-Woods


Cover: Jenny Frison Writer: J.T. Krul Art: Igor Lima, Igor Vitorino, Rod Rodolfo

A pivotal chapter in the history of Battlestar Galactica, the reimagined series… set before the destruction of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol! In developing the next generation of Cylons, getting the models to look human was the easy part. But acting human is another story. Witness the evolution of Number Six as she learns to live, to love… and to hate.


Cover A: Roger Langridge Cover B: J. Bone Writer: Roger Langridge Art: Gisèle Lagacé

Bugs, bugs, bugs! The town is overrun with them! Sprays can't get rid of them… Grampy's inventions can't shift them… and they're getting bigger and bigger! Join Betty Boop, Koko, Bimbo and friends as they not only take on the insect kingdom, but also meet a record producer! Opportunity is finally knocking… or is that just the sound of deathwatch beetles?

BettyBoop03-Cov-A_Langridge BettyBoop03-Cov-B-JBone

Cover: Nen Chang Writer: Frank J. Barbiere Art: Francesco Manna, Nen Chang

Prepare yourself for Dejah Thoris, the exotic heroine of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Warlord of Mars, as you've never seen her before! When her father disappears, Dejah Thoris assumes the throne… but she soon stands accused of treason, a victim of a far-reaching conspiracy. Hunted by her people and devastated by a terrible secret from her past, she embarks on a self-imposed exile, assuming a new identity and enlisting as a rookie soldier on the farthest, deadliest borders of Barsoomian civilization. There, the Princess of Mars seeks to unravel the mysteries of the past and clear her name!


Cover A: Lucio Parrillo Cover B: Ben Templesmith Writer: Justin Jordan, Keith Davidsen Art: Colton Worley, Cezar Razek

The Godeater has defeated the Hosts of Heaven, the Armies of Hell, and the warriors of Valhalla. The end of all things is here, unless Ernie can destroy something that can't be destroyed. It's the fearsome finale to Justin Jordan's Chaos Comics epic… and perhaps the most senses-shattering event in Ernest Fairchild's un-life! Meanwhile, our "Last Ditch Bitch" back-up series comes to its explosive conclusion, as Chastity and Mistress Hel throw down over the fate of singer Liv Halvorsen!

EEGod-05-Cov-A-Parrillo EEGod-05-Cov-B-Templesmith

Cover A: Jesse Hamm & Grace Allison Cover B: Lara Margarida Cover C Subscription: Roberto Castro Writer: Jeff Parker & Jesse Hamm Art: Jesse Hamm & Grace Allison

Superstar JEFF PARKER (Future Quest) returns to FLASH GORDON, alongside the astounding team of JESSE HAMM & GRACE ALLISON! The Phantoms, Mandrake The Magician and Flash are on the run from forces they don't understand! Do our on-the-run titans stand a chance against spiders made of apes!?!?

FlashKC02-Cov-A-Hamm FlashKC02-Cov-B-Margarida FlashKC02-Cov-C-Castro

Cover: Marc Laming Writer: Ben Acker, Heath Corson Art: Dan McDaid

The greatest comic strip heroes of all time, united to battle a menace bazillions of light years from Earth! Ming the Merciless, conqueror of worlds, failed to claim our planet for his empire, thanks to its mightiest champions: Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, Prince Valiant, Jungle Jim, and two generations of The Phantom. Their home saved, our heroes strike out upon a new daring, space-faring quest: to save one of their own from Ming's dastardly clutches, the intrepid reporter Dale Arden!


Cover: John Cassaday Writer: James Robinson Art: Tom Feister

Mabel has sworn vengeance on Mac for killing her partner (and lover)…but it is going to break her heart. And this isn't even Mac's biggest problem today. While trying to track the lovely criminal, the deputy discovers that not everything is as simple as it seems. And just like everything else with this bloody romance, things are complicated.


Cover A: Adam Markiewicz Cover B: Kevin Stokes "Homage Cover" Writer: Ben Fisher Art: Adam Markiewicz

Maria and Paul – with new friends – have traced the origins of the Divide to a lake in rural Oregon. But not everyone in the region is eager to have its secrets revealed. The truth is almost within reach in this "brilliant … twisted world, expertly illustrated" (Reilly Brown – Cable & Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man).
Each issue of THE GREAT DIVIDE comes with unique digital content. Issue #4 includes a guide for converting The Great Divide's dystopian world to your favorite RPG!

GreatDivide04-Cov-A-Markiewicz GreatDivide04-Cov-B-Stokes

Cover A: Maria Sanapo Cover B: Kyle Strahm Writer: Caitlin Kittredge Art: Maria Sanapo

Up against the Weird Sisters and a Wesen crime boss, Juliette can't turn to her friends for help. The only person on her side is Adalind, and she is pretty sure that is only lasting as long as it takes to get stabbed in the back. With the final showdown looming ahead, things are not looking good for Juliette.

GrimVol2-2016-04-A-Sanapo GrimVol2-2016-04-B-Strahm

Cover: Andrew Huerta "Wraparound" Writer: David Gonzales, Elliott Serrano Art: Andrew Huerta

Something spooky is going on in the barrio! When the Homies encounter a spirit from beyond haunting the L.A. riverbed, it's up to Gata, Tiny and Culebra to uncover the secret of "La Llorona", a fabled ghost from Mexican legend. Is she really the ghost of a woman betrayed by love? Or is she something…else? The Homies aren't afraid of gangbangers, but they do fear…"La Llorona"! Issue #3 of the all-new comic book series is brought to you by David Gonzales (creator), Elliott Serrano (Army of Darkness, Adventures of Grumpy Cat) and Andrew Huerta (Sovereign).


Cover: Fred Pham Chuong Writer: Fabrice Sapolsky Art: Fred Pham Chuong

Things become really spooky for Juan Jin. Nature starts acting really weird around him…as if plants, flowers, vines, trees or land were listening! His destiny is about to be fulfilled: he'll soon become the new Spirit of the Earth! Meanwhile, the Ghost Daggers, the gang led by the nefarious Nei Chang, are putting everyone in Chinatown under pressure. They want to find the Golden Dragon statue at all costs! Kung-Fu action, crime and mysterious, new characters all mixed up… The Kung-Fu Noir series has never been so aptly named!


Cover: Dom Reardon Writer: Warren Ellis Art: Jason Masters

EIDOLON, CHAPTER 6: The explosive conclusion to the second JAMES BOND 007 story – Eidolon are in the open, British Intelligence is cracked and in disarray, friends are dead and enemies seem unstoppable – can James Bond intercept the most direct strike of all, from the dead hand of SPECTRE to the heart of British government?


Cover: Francesco Francavilla Writer: Andy Diggle Art: Luca Casalanguida

After a massacre in Dubai, 007 closes in on the mysterious Kraken. But while investigating a mercenary safehouse in Yemen, Bond discovers the most advanced Q-Branch technology can sometimes prove less an asset than a liability. And a weapon is only as lethal as the man who wields it…


Cover A: Nick Bradshaw Cover B: Shouri Cover C: Photo Variant Writer: Amy Chu Art: Kewbar Baal

The city of Blackwell is full of dark secrets, as Eran and Adi are finding out. Lost in a network of underground tunnels, and on the run from the robot Protectors, they try to reunite with Noa and Alex. Instead, they end up deep in the heart of Blackwell, and discover the shocking truth about the mysterious Council that has governed the city for centuries.

Kiss03-Cov-A-Bradshaw Kiss03-Cov-B-EmojiSpaceman Kiss03-Cov-C-Photo

Cover: Tula Lotay Writer: Corinna Bechko Art: Jonathan Lau, Tula Lotay

New York, 1942. As brave men from the Bronx to the Battery sail abroad to fight the greatest war the world has ever seen, the Big Apple would be left vulnerable, if not for Miss Fury! The alter-ego of Marla Drake, possessed with agility, strength, stealth, and bravado, defends the city from saboteurs and criminals… but when a mysterious masked cult launches a mind-bending campaign of terror and industrial espionage on her watch, will she be able to defeat an enemy beyond mortal comprehension?


Cover A: Reilly Brown Cover B: Tom Mandrake Cover C Subscription: Sean Izaakse Writer: Erik Mona Art: Jonathan Lau

Kyra the cleric has been trapped in the Worldscape for seven days, a compassionate soul surrounded on all sides by liars, murderers, and thieves. When her heroics draw the attention of fellow dimensional fugitive John Carter of Mars, Kyra learns of potential allies who will ensure that she need not fight the darkness alone! Co-starring Red Sonja! The sides are drawn in the great battle between warriors of three worlds in a tale written by Pathfinder publisher Erik Mona (Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain) with art from Jonathan Lau (Red Sonja and Cub). Contains a Pathfinder RPG rules appendix and a bonus pull-out poster map!

PathWorld03-Cov-A-Brown PathWorld03-Cov-B-Mandrake PathWorld03-Cov-C-Sub-Izaakse

Cover: Dan Panosian Writer: Garth Ennis Art: Craig Cermak

Struggling to adjust to their new circumstances, Eddie and Trudy are hunting for Eric Nightingale and his mysterious sister—and hitting one legal brick wall after another. But an unexpected benefactor puts them on the trail of another suspect altogether—question is, is Little Boi Days likely to come quietly?


Cover: Mario Gully Writer: Max Marks Art: Arcana Studios

After a brutal run-in with black magic leaves him alone and wolfed-out full time, WolfCop has to turn tail back to Woodhaven for a reunion with old friends. But Lou Garou's hometown is even less welcoming than it was when he left it, and some unfamiliar faces have planned one hell of a surprise party for him, one where home field advantage might just not be enough…


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