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Has Anyone Seen Ben Caldwell's Harley Quinn Sketch In A Wonder Woman Black Bag?
This is Ben Caldwell's original art cover sketch for the Harley Quinn black bag variant cover edition, slipped into a random issue of the black bagged Wonder Woman #47. And, it seems, no one has found it yet. Is it sitting in a back issue box unopened? Sitting in a pull list, waiting not to be unopened? Sitting in[...]
A Ming Doyle Harley Quinn Sketch In A Black Bag
It may well have been the Harley Quinn Little Black Bag variants that did it, helping lift DC Comics' marketshare a tad in December. What DC Comics isn;t admitting to, for fear of falling fol of certain state lottery laws, in confirming that a number of artists have drawn on special black sketch variant covers, inserted[...]
For A Second Week, Concern About Harley Quinn Black Bag Damages Emerges
Last week, as Bleeding Cool mentioned, there were concern that the black bag process for Harley Quinn was damaging a number of the especially commissioned variant covers being hidden inside that black plastic. Well, it seems this is not a one off Retailer Dennis Barger has already started opening copies of the comics intended to be[...]
There Are Original Art Pieces Hiding In Those Harley Quinn Black Bags
That comic, and others from DC this month, shipped with Harley Quinn black bag variant versions Opening each bag reveals whether you got a colour, ink or pencilled version of that cover It's quite fun, most people like it. But someone who really likes it is a customer at Collected Comics of Hirst, Texas They pulled[...]
Now Joshua Hale Fialkov Jumps On Pacific Rim Comic – And You Can Win!
It's a;; about Joshua today. Legendary Comics are producing another comic book series based on their Pacific Rim movie with a story from its writer, Travis Beacham, transformed into a four issue series by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Marcos Marz. And they are launching it with a special competition to win original art from the series... They are also publishing original[...]