Dan Slott Lays Down The Case For A Non-White Spider-Man

A few years ago, I wrote an article, speculating that Marvel was to announce a black Spider-Man for the Ultimate line. It just felt like that something was in the air. The reaction was… let's go with mixed. Then when it was actually announced, I wrote another that showed not much had changed.

And now, with Marvel and Sony recasting Peter Parker, Spider-Man, the case for a non-white actor to play the role has been raised. And the same arguments against it have also been raised.

Well, Dan Slott, current writer of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book lays it out. Not that he needs it, but I agree completely. It's just that he, you know, writes Spider-Man. So there.

And you know, folks, this isn't exactly new. My own contribution to this matter… here's another character from a TV comics adaptation who was recast mid-series with a different ethnicity….

908004-eartha_kitt…where are the nasty tweets about Eartha?

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