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Transformers Ultimates Wave 1 Revealed By Super7
the first wave consists of Optimus Prime, Ghost of Starscream, Bombshell, and Bonzai-Tron, which is mind-blowing These will all be for the most part based on the G1 cartoon we know and love These each carry a $55 price tag and will ship in the fall of this year You can check all four out[...]
golden globes 2018 predictions
Pitt will take this one home. Best Supporting Actress in Any Motion Picture Kathy Bates ("Richard Jewell") Annette Bening ("The Report") Laura Dern ("Marriage Story") Jennifer Lopez ("Hustlers") Margot Robbie ("Bombshell") Who Will Win: Jennifer Lopez, for the same reasons as Pitt That being said, she deserves it for her amazing turn in Hustlers She hasn't been this good since Out of[...]
Bleeding Cool Writers Picks Their Top 10 Films of the Year
Image courtesy LionsgateDanielle Solzman: Knives Out Jojo Rabbit Booksmart 1917 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Long Shot Avengers: Endgame Bombshell Ford V Ferrari Marriage Story What Rian Johnson managed to do with Knives Out is craft a whodunit for a new generation We're introduced to one of the most dysfunctional families to ever grace the big screen[...]
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- A Mess of a Movie, But Ultimately Enjoyable [REVIEW]
There are so many choices at the theater right now that that one might have legs as people decide to forgo that 4-5 viewing of Skywalker. The Box Office Top 10 for the Holiday week: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- $134.5 million Jumanji: The Next Level- $59 million Little Women- $29 million Frozen 2- $26.1 million Spies in Disguise- $22.1[...]
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- A Mess of a Movie, But Ultimately Enjoyable [REVIEW]
What a disaster. Rounding out the top five are last weeks champ Jumanji: The Next Level at a staying strong $26.1 million, Frozen 2 at $12.3 million, and Knives Out continued its awesome run, adding $6.1 million. The Weekend Box Office Top 10 for December 20: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- $176 Million Jumanji: The Next Level- $26.1[...]
Spider-Man #240 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor
The Morales', Ganke, Goldballs, Bombshell, the Champions, and the Amazing Spider-Man himself, Peter Parker, all make cameos throughout this comic to support Miles. The narrative is a stream of conscience tied to Miles, and there are blackout periods where time skips ahead. The comic focuses more on relationships and interactions than action We do get a few[...]
Spider-Man #238 cover by Patrick Brown
Thankfully, the younger Bombshell lets Miles Morales, aka Spider-Man, know that the Sinister Six are stealing the helicarrier. Spider-Man #238 cover by Patrick Brown With this issue, Spider-Man enters the climax of the 'Sinister Six Reborn"' arc, which has united a new Sinister Six under new Iron Spider, who is the uncle to Miles Morales and the[...]
Spider-Man #234 review, cover by Patrick Brown
On top of that, Miles is feeling unsure about his future as Spider-Man. Bombshell's mother is out of prison and wants to reunite with her daughter for a new crime spree. Spider-Man #234 cover by Patrick Brown Without spoiling it, the Goldballs subplot to this issue is pretty juvenile and handles so quickly that it is of little[...]
Spider-Man #18 Review: An Emotionally Vulnerable Miles Morales
He essentially keeps producing balls until he manifests a giant one which takes out the mobster. Bombshell admitting her feelings for Miles was a pretty sweet moment, too You have to feel bad for Goldballs, because she tells the hero and her feelings are reciprocated It's a bit of juvenile love triangle foolishness, but it's handled[...]
A DC Comics Bombshell Poker Set?
Mentioned at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas, DC Comics representatives mentioned to retailers that they were considering publishing sets of playing cards marketed for playing poker, featuring the Ant Lucia-and-friends DC Bombshell Designs. It does feel that there are some rather geeky games of strip poker that will be being played around the world[...]
DC's Bombshell Covers Top This Week's Advance Reorders
But the Bombshell variant covers of Detective Comics and Action Comics have topped the charts, ahead of all the Original Sin issues and Harley Quinn issues Nailbiter has clearly been a hit with retailers, upping orders on issue 2 and the reprint of 1 Woods didn't do badly either And Futures End #5 is the[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 12th May 2014 – How About A Bombshell Wally West Cover?
It's Not What You're Expecting The Many Deaths Of Futures End #1 (SPOILERS)  Fifteen Of DC's Bombshell Covers By Ant Lucia  Mark Waid Vs Dan Jurgens Over The New 52est Title The Joker Will Be Coming To Gotham, He's Already Leaving His Mark When Scott Snyder Got Batarangs And Why Mark Waid Does Not Write Batman  The Future Of The Superior[...]
Bombshells For Everyone!!!
They are starting with the Bombshell covers in June, which will be available for the following titles. And, yeah, everyone is waiting for the male covers to be revealed… • Aquaman #32  • Batgirl #32  • Batman #32  • Batman and Ra's al Ghul #32 • Batman/Superman #12  • Batwoman #32  • Detective Comics #32  • Earth 2 #24 • Flash #32  • Green Lantern #32  • Green Lantern Corps #32  • Harley Quinn #7 • Justice League #32  • Justice League Dark #32  • Justice League United #2 • Superman #32  • Superman/Wonder Woman #9 • Wonder Woman #32  [...]