Transformers Ultimates Wave 1 Revealed By Super7

Transformers fans were teased earlier this week, and now we see what they were toying us with. Wave 1 of Transformers Ultimates are here, four figures in all. Each will come with a plethora of accessories and in premium slipcover packaging. They do not transform. Each will however come with swappable parts and even some human figures. the first wave consists of Optimus Prime, Ghost of Starscream, Bombshell, and Bonzai-Tron, which is mind-blowing. These will all be for the most part based on the G1 cartoon we know and love. These each carry a $55 price tag and will ship in the fall of this year. You can check all four out below, and you can preorder the Ultimates Transformers by clicking here.

Transformers Ultimates Wave 1 Revealed By Super7
Super7 Transformers Ultimates

Super7 Transformers Ultimates Wave 1

"Straight out of Cybertron, the new Transformers ULTIMATES! collection is here!

Based on the Transformers you grew up watching, ULTIMATES! are made-to-order, highly-articulated figures that stand 7" tall and include a variety of interchangeable parts, unique accessories, and sometimes even miniature humans! Our goal is to give you Transformers with super fun extras that you've never had before, inspired by your favorite episodes of the G1 cartoon! Slam dunkin' and surfin' Optimus Prime, glittery Ghost of Starscream, and Action Master inspired Bombshell and Banzai-Tron are ready to roll out and into your collection! This first wave of Transformers ULTIMATES! is available for pre-order now, with expected delivery in Fall 2021! This is your only chance to get them directly from Super7!"

These are seriously cool. Optimus comes with a basketball! Sparkly Starscream! Banzai-Tron??? Leave it to Super7 to pull out small references and little known characters for a first wave right out of the gate. Will these be successful? I can't say, but they look great, and comes with so much stuff we have never gotten with our Transformers figures that I gotta believe they will be. I can't wait for Soundwave.

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