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Garden In
Bonus Stage Publishing, along with developers Dramatic Iceberg, revealed the new release date for Garden In!, and it's coming up soon If you haven't seen this one before, this is a cozy gardening game in which you will do your dardest to make the best garden you can in any way you see fit, all[...]
Bullet Runner Releases First Part Of Long Prologue On Steam
Bonus Stage Publishing and Kami Games have released an epic prologue for their upcoming game Bullet Runner The game isn't coming out until late 2023, so teasing the main game isn't happening right this second but the team wants to get the word out about it leading up to the release, so what they're doing[...]
Graviators Will Be
Bonus Stage Publishing and indie developer Couch In The Woods Interactive announced that Graviators is coming in early 2023 The small team behind this one has made an esports title that is both quick to grasp and easy to compete in as you will be fighting in small ships that guide a ball to a[...]
The Dreams In The Witch House Slated For 2023 Release
Atom Brain Games and Bonus Stage Publishing have announced The Dreams In The Witch House is coming in 2023 Based on the short story of the same name by H.P Lovecraft, the game will thrust you into the shoes of a character who has to survive the nightly terrors for two months, eventually facing the[...]
Garden In! Coming To Nintendo Switch & PC In 2023
Bonus Stage Publishing and Dramatic Iceberg have revealed that Garden In! will be coming to both Nintendo Switch and PC in 2023 This is a cozy gardening title developed by Italian studio Dramatic Iceberg, which you may have caught a glimpse of during the Wholesome Games and Guerrilla Collective livestreams this past June You will be[...]
Horror-Platformer Triple Take Will Be Released In October
Bonus Stage Publishing and indie developer FlyAway announced that their horror-platforming game Triple Take will come out in October If you haven't seen this one yet, the game is a fast 2D precision platformer that will require you to be quick on the button and patient with the results before you're able to move on[...]