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I'd always been wanting to get back to work with David on something, and FX reached out to us because they were developing this anthology show called Cake wondering if we had any animated ideas or ideas for a short-form animated show David and I had already been talking about trying to do something in[...]
It's pretty clear that Dean (Ackles) likes pie, yet he uses cake in the expression "shotgun shuts his cakehole." With his obsession with the greatness that is pie (though personally, we're fans of both), wouldn't "piehole" have been more appropriate? Well, Kripke has an answer… Supernatural — "Carry On" — Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean[...]
adventure time
On Tuesday, HBO Max announced a series greenlight for Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake (working title) Produced by Cartoon Network Studios, the ten-episode series will explore the relationship between fearless sword-wielding adventurer Fionna & her magical best friend and talking cat, Cake, and the mysterious land of Ooo Adam Muto will serve as showrunner &[...]
Chicago Delays CAKE Until June 2022
The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, or CAKE, was originally planned for June 2020, but obviously didn't happen Then they rearranged for June 2021, but as they have told attendees, that is looking a bit dodgy now as well So they have delayed for another year, got June 2022 They state; In March 2020, CAKE's organizers voted[...]
FX Unlocked is coming to Comic-Con@Home (Image: FX Networks)
With Comic-Con@Home (this year's virtual edition of San Diego Comic-Con) ready to launch this week, FX and experiential agency Creative Riff are teaming for "FX Unlocked," a full line-up of digital experiences inspired by some FX series favorites: What We Do in the Shadows, DAVE, Cake, and American Horror Story Here's the best part: you'll[...]
angry birds
While the "Angry Birds" franchise has been doing more than fine for itself in theaters, Cake and Rovio Entertainment are teaming up once again to bring the story of Red, Bomb, and Chuck to the streaming screens of Netflix in Angry Birds: Summer Madness Our trio are tweens in the middle of a summer camp[...]
V For Vendetta Cake Withdrawn From Competition After Complaints
But a Birmingham-based cake decorating competition has entered the foray of international politics for the 5th of November. A Hong Kong protest-themed cake, featuring the V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask as originally designed by David Lloyd, made famous (and merchandisable) by the movie, and adopted by Anonymous, has been disqualified by Cake International, the organisers[...]
Space Chickens in Space Set to Engage in Some Animated "Fowl Play"
Credit: CAKE Move over "Pigs in Space", because you have some stiff competition in the whole space-faring animals category British production company CAKE, Australia's Studio Moshi, Mexico's Ánima and Ireland's Gingerbread Animation are teaming-up on new children's animated comedy series Space Chickens in Space Created by José C García de Letona and Rita Street, with Jordan Gaucher[...]
The Wedding Cake That Cosplays As Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man And Captain America
This is the wedding cake ordered by married British couple Kia and Billy Bunning, as posted to Facebook by Life Of Dad. Cake made by Tier By Tier, and photos by John Doran Photography. From two hundred and seventy degrees, it's a traditional looking tiered wedding cake And from ninety degrees it's a superheroic romantic dream… Kia told the BBC "We didn't want it[...]
The Three Stooges To Be Animated Series
The entertainment firm Cake has teamed with animation house Titmouse and C3, the owners of the Stooges estate and brand to create 52 11-minute segments showcasing the Stooges classical slapstick style The project is being shopped around for a home at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and the licensing expo LIMA. THR is reporting that[...]
Thursday Runaround – Wayne Manor In Lego, Hawkeye In Cake
HAWKCAKE What kind of cake to make for a 25 year old geek I wish I had at any point in my life had such a cake. CINEMATIC VISION Kevin Maguire puts the Marvel Studio actors to work. Y: THE LAST RIGHTS The film rights to Y The Last Man could be reverting… Brian Vaughn tells CBR, It's my understanding[...]
Chicago Cake – A New Small Press Festival
In addition to C2E2, Wizard World, a plethora of comic shops and numerous events throughout the city; this year sees the Windy City gain its own indie comics showcase: CAKE: The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. The expo has posted the exhibitor list, featuring a mix of creators both established and up and coming Special guests include[...]