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Lots Of Money To Be Made This Weekend At Thought Bubble In Harrogate
Mure Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Hamish Steele Rachael Stott Jack Teagle Zoe Thorogood James Tynion IV Ram V Christian Ward War and Peas Ronald Wimberly John Allison Kristyna Baczynski David Barnett Ricardo Bessa Ted Brandt Nick Brokenshire Kit Buss Iban Coello Paul Cornell Fernando Dagnino Dani Paul Davidson Michael Dialynas Jonathan Edwards Tom Eglington Gary Erskine Al Ewing Ingrid Gala Joe Glass Paul Goodenough Abigail Harding Luke Healy Peter Hogan Marc Laming Roger Langridge Stephanie Lavaud John Lees Rachel Luckett Robert Luckett David Mack Guillem March Helena Masellis Leah Moore Tomeu Morey Helen Mullane Guillermo Ortego Zu Orzu Gerald Parel Sean Phillips Casey Parsons John Reppion Mike Perkins Jacob Phillips Jamie[...]
Break-In: Some Thoughts On Home Sick Pilots 1 & 2
Dan Watters wrote Lucifer, and Caspar Wijngaard drew Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. Home Sick Pilots cover So what's Home Sick Pilots about? Well, it's about a three-piece high school punk band from California who enters a haunted house Said haunted house is, in fact, haunted. In his review, Theo Dwyer wrote he didn't like[...]
Image Comics December 2020 Solicitations
Home Sick Pilots is a new ongoing comic book series by the Limbo team of Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard, coming out from Image Comics in December 2020. Home Sick Pilots by Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard HOME SICK PILOTS #1 (MR) IMAGE COMICS OCT200017 (W) Dan Watters (A/CA) Caspar Wijngaard The team behind LIMBO, DAN WATTERS (Lucifer, COFFIN BOUND) and[...]
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #2 cover by Caspar Wijngaard Annual #2
However, Nokk and Winloss quickly notice that they are far from the first beast hunters on this mission, and Aphra is hiding many details from them. Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #2 cover by Caspar Wijngaard Annual #2 Doctor Aphra Annual #2 doesn't focus too much on Aphra herself, with Nokk and Winloss being the main characters[...]
The Comics Industry Talks – Breaking Into Comics — Caspar Wijngaard (@Casparnova) January 17, 2017 So yeah It's not a magical thing to break in, and everyone who broke in is exactly as confused as you are It's just that we did the work — Magdalene Visaggio 🏳️‍🌈 – DEATH RATTLE (@MagsVisaggs) January 17, 2017   Even fellow Bleeding Cool writer Jude Terror got involved…though I'm not[...]
Mac's Books: "Part Mickey Spillane, Part Angel Heart" Limbo No.1 from Image Comics
By Olly MacNamee Limbo No.1 (Image Comics) Writer: Dan Watters Artist: Caspar Wijngaard The medium really is the message in this scene setting first issue of Limbo from Dan Watters and Caspar Wjingaard, as we are thrust into a world of skullduggery, black markets and Voodoo hoodoo, all set against the backdrop of the Day of The Dead festival[...]
Lizard On A Stick, Anyone? A Review Of Limbo #1
I have some mixed feelings about Image's new series Limbo, written by Dan Watters, with art by Caspar Wijngaard The story follows a detective with no memory, identity, or manners, a femme fatale seeking escape from a powerful crime lord, a voodoo queen with a penchant for mixtapes and hi-tops, and a goat-eating TV The[...]
Image Comics' Neon-Noir Miniseries Limbo Arrives This November
Written by Dan Watters, with art by Caspar Wijngaard, the series is entitled Limbo The UK creative team writes a story that follows a detective with no memory, no identity, and no manners, a femme fatale seeking escape from a powerful crime lord, a voodoo queen with a penchant for mixtapes and hi-tops, and a[...]
Mac's Books Reviewed: Twisted Dark Vol. 3 And Cross: A Political Satire Anthology
One minute he is introducing a slow, organic torture technique to his henchmen, which he picked up from the Yakuza (in the opening story, Grow) illustrated by Caspar Wijngaard, in another (Silent Justice, with art by Seb Antoniou) he is demanding answers from a mute accountant ('It makes it difficult for him to testify in[...]
A Tortured Kickstarter As The Bloody Man Sets His Sights On Getting Carter
His mission: get Carter. The first issue was written by Gibson with the reigns for the remaining 5 issues of the 6 issue mini-series taken up by Dan Watters on writing duties with partner-in-crime, up and coming artist Caspar Wijngaard on art, a real find, I think, having seen how his art has developed over the[...]
Selling Comics at Thought Bubble 2013 – Sunday
There really hasn't been a better superhero comic than Death Sentence since the glory days of The Authority. [Drawn by Caspar Wijngaard at Thought Bubble] A couple of tables down from them were T Pubs, vehicle for Neil Gibson and his Twisted Dark series of comics and graphic novels Gibson is infamous at conventions across the world[...]
Spotlight On Indie: Volume 1 of Neil Gibson's Twisted Dark
Yes, once again London Film and Comic Con had invaded the Smoggy City and no one was safe. It was here that I ran into the promotional team for independently produced graphic novel Twisted Dark, a series of short stories written by newcomer Neil Gibson and drawn by a team of illustrators including Atula Siruwardane, Caspar[...]