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Lots Of Money To Be Made This Weekend At Thought Bubble In Harrogate

I'll be travelling up to Harrogate tomorrow for Thought Bubble, the Yorkshire comic book-focused convention and festival. Given the experience of MCM London Comic Con a few weeks ago, I expect comic creators attending to be burning through whatever stock they bring to the show. My advice for comic creators or publisher heading out to Thought Bubble is to take a lot more stock than you are currently expecting to sell, we are looking at a public, many of whom have been paid on furlough with, who have not been able to buy comic books in person at shows for a couple of years, and will want to express their love and appreciation in financial ways. Expect to sell a lot of books and to be bought a lot of drinks. Here's a few people attending Thought Bubble, first the invited guests, the panels, the events and the exhibiting publishers – with tickets available here.

Lots Of Money To Be Made This Weekend At Thought Bubble In Harrogate
Thought Bubble

Thought Bubble invited guests

  • Charlie Adlard
  • Sara Alfageeh
  • Henry Barajas
  • Hannah Berry
  • Álvaro Martínez Bueno
  • Cecil Castellucci
  • Becky Cloonan
  • Michael Conrad
  • Matt Ferguson
  • Sarah Graley
  • Jock
  • Joëlle Jones
  • Peter Krause
  • Alex Norris
  • Alice Oseman
  • B. Mure
  • Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
  • Hamish Steele
  • Rachael Stott
  • Jack Teagle
  • Zoe Thorogood
  • James Tynion IV
  • Ram V
  • Christian Ward
  • War and Peas
  • Ronald Wimberly
  • John Allison
  • Kristyna Baczynski
  • David Barnett
  • Ricardo Bessa
  • Ted Brandt
  • Nick Brokenshire
  • Kit Buss
  • Iban Coello
  • Paul Cornell
  • Fernando Dagnino
  • Dani
  • Paul Davidson
  • Michael Dialynas
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • Tom Eglington
  • Gary Erskine
  • Al Ewing
  • Ingrid Gala
  • Joe Glass
  • Paul Goodenough
  • Abigail Harding
  • Luke Healy
  • Peter Hogan
  • Marc Laming
  • Roger Langridge
  • Stephanie Lavaud
  • John Lees
  • Rachel Luckett
  • Robert Luckett
  • David Mack
  • Guillem March
  • Helena Masellis
  • Leah Moore
  • Tomeu Morey
  • Helen Mullane
  • Guillermo Ortego
  • Zu Orzu
  • Gerald Parel
  • Sean Phillips
  • Casey Parsons
  • John Reppion
  • Mike Perkins
  • Jacob Phillips
  • Jamie S Rich
  • Edward Ross
  • Dike Ruan
  • Margaux Saltel
  • Alison Sampson
  • Martin Simmonds
  • Rachael Smith
  • Richard Starkings
  • Ro Stein
  • Dan Watters
  • Caspar Wijngaard

Thought Bubble panels:

  • Rewriting Extinction – Comics to Save the World
    Saturday – 11:30-12:15 – Room B
    Rewriting Extinction is a landmark comic anthology that aims to promote simple yet powerful actions we can all take to help tackle the climate and the biodiversity crisis!
    Learn about this huge project featuring 300 contributors including Ricky Gervais, Taika Waititi, Cara Delevingne and loads more. Join Rewriting Extinction's contributing creators Ram V, War and Peas and Paul Goodenough as they discuss working on such an important project and how comics can be used to create positive change!
  • YA Got It! – Young Adult Comic Spotlight
    Saturday- 12:00-12:45 – Room A
    There are plenty of comics for kids, but let's bump it up a notch and talk about the Young Adult comics taking over the world!
    Join your favourite comic creators Sara Alfageeh (SQUIRE), Cecil Castellucci (THE PLAIN JANES) and Alice Oseman (HEARTSTOPPER) and host Cé Simonis, to discuss all things YA, and why emotional, heartbreaking stories for teens and young adults are important. Ones that cover raw topics on identity, mental health and sexuality… And, of course, to show how cool and fun life can be!
  • Capturing the Power of Digital Comics
    Saturday – 12:30-13:15 – Room B
    How do we bridge the divide between traditional comic collecting and disruptive technology? Technology has revolutionised how we create, publish and consume comics. The digital world has made more space for diverse, marginalised and alternative voices, bringing underground comix and zine culture to more mainstream audiences.
    Dive into a discussion with the British Library and guests as they rise to the challenge, exploring the power of digital along the way.
    Speakers: Ian Cooke, Head of Contemporary British Collections at the British Library. Peter Ward-Edwards – founder of Comichaus, Yomi Ayeni – transmedia producer, author, film maker, and digital strategist, Sara Kenney -Creative Director at Wowbagger Productions, and Hannah Berry – comic creator, the 2019-21 UK Comics Laureate.
  • Calling All Creeps! – A Horror Masterclass!
    Saturday – 13:00-13:45 – Room A
    Join your fellow spooks, ghouls, witches and misfits to explore horror comics at their finest.
    James Tynion IV, Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad talk us through how they create tension on the page, how to build suspense and discuss what truly creeps us all out. Enter at your own peril.
    Hosted by Bucky
  • Comics Are My Therapy
    Saturday – 13:30-14:15 – Room B
    Hearing other people's experiences of mental health is an excellent way to help us grow empathy and understanding; they can help us understand our own mental health better too.
    Join comic creators: Rachael Smith (QUARANTINE COMIX), Lucy Sullivan (BARKING), Maliha Abidi (RISE), Una (EVE) and host Sal Couch as we explore creating and consuming comics that focus on themes of mental health, and the (mostly) positive impact sharing these deeply personal stories, and reading them, can have on our own mental health.
  • Strip Panel Naked
    Saturday – 14:30-15:15 – Room B
    An in-depth discussion on creating meaning in comics. through narrative, colours and lettering.
    Join creators James Tynion IV, Charlot Kristensen, John Allison and Rachael Stott for a live edition of the YouTube series Strip Panel Naked, as they break down pages from their work and discuss how they went about the writing, art, colours and lettering, and how those choices end up affecting the reader. Hosted by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.
  • SILENCE! to Astonish Live 2021
    Saturday – 15:30-16:15 – Room B
    The least predictable and most shambolic comics panel show in recorded human history returns for more of its habitual shenanigans.
    And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat! On that day, the Avengers were born, to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand! But those guys aren't here, sorry. Instead, why not join podcast pals Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die (of SILENCE!) and Al Kennedy (of House to Astonish) as they put a panel of comics creators (details coming soon) through their paces with an hour of daft games, dodgy impressions, unfathomable Q&A and… it says here "miscellaneous"? Anyway! Thought Bubble's most inexplicable tradition returns for a presumably glorious seventh year! Make some noise!
    Featuring: Becky Cloonan, Rachael Stott with more to come.
  • ComiXology Originals presents:
    Saturday – 14:00-14:45 – Room A
    CONversations with Tula Lotay, and Jock.
    Join celebrated comic, film and editorial illustrator Tula Lotay, and three times New York Times best-selling British artist Jock for a round table discussion on the present and future state of the comic industry as well as their experiences creating exclusive content for comiXology Originals.
  • Sketching Spotlight
    Saturday – 15:00-16:30 – Room A
    Our famous Sketching Spotlight Panel returns, watch your favourite artists draw LIVE.
    This panel gives you a unique opportunity to watch our amazing quest comic artists drawing live, and discussing their technique whilst they do so! A fun, informational creative panel. All art will be auctioned off after the convention, with proceeds going to Barnardo's Children's Charity. Session 1 featuring: Álvaro Martínez Bueno, David Mack, Becky Cloonan and Dani. Hosted by Nick Gonzo.
  • Vice Press Open Channel
    Saturday 16:30-17:15 – Room B
    Join Matt and James of Vice Press alongside guest artists for the first live Vice Press Open Channel. They will be taking a deep dive into some of their recent releases as well as the usual chat about the latest movies, TV series, toys and frankly, all sorts of nonsense.
  • Who the Hell are You? – A Batman Panel
    Saturday – 16:45-17:30 – Room A
    The Caped Crusader, The Defender of Gotham, World's Greatest Detective, The Dark Knight… But who is he?
    Christian Ward, Jock, Joelle Jones and host Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou discuss how Batman has developed over 70 years of comics, TV shows and movies and into the 21st century, and how he can remain a superhero in a modern world where Billionaires are the enemy.
  • Meet Up Then Make Everything event!
    Sunday – 10:45-12:00 – Room B
    Are you an artist looking for a writer? A writer looking for an artist? A team looking for a letterer, editor or colourist? Maybe just interested in meeting like-minded creators?
    Meet Up Then Make Everything is a guided event hosted by Dan Berry of the Make It Then Tell Everybody podcast designed to help you find future collaborators, opportunities to tell awesome stories and meet new comic creating friends. All levels of experience welcome! Introverts too
  • Comics to Screen and Back again
    Sunday – 12:00-12:45 – Room A
    From Hollywood to Netflix, it's undeniable the impact comics continue to have on the big and little screen! But how does it work?!
    Hear about the ins and outs of taking a comic (whether a full story, characters or concepts) to the screen (film, series, animation) from those who've done it themselves; Alice Oseman, Charlie Adlard, Hamish Steele and host Bucky Ringsell. And also ponder… how can we bring those fans back to comics?
  • Getting Started in Webcomics!
    Sunday – 12:30-13:15 – Room B
    Webcomics are a great way to take control of your own comic ideas and get them in front of comic fans. But where to start….
    Web-comic creators Eve Greenwood (INHIBIT), John Allison (STEEPLE), Lio Pressland (BLACKWOOD CIRCUS) along with host, Fiona Marchbank (LADIES OF THE KNIGHT), will share their tips, tricks and secrets on how to get started, from which platform to use, to planning and scheduling, to how to stay motivated. This panel is for anyone looking to start a webcomic, or to take theirs to the next level.
  • Scott Snyder – Writing Masterclass – Screening
    Sunday – 13:00-13:45 – Room A
    Join Scott Snyder, the multi-Harvey and Eisner award winning writer, in this Writing Masterclass.
    This condensed masterclass explores the craft of writing and is suitable for all levels of experience. A unique opportunity to gain insight from a DC, Marvel and Image writer.
  • Fewer Capes, More Tea – British and Irish Comics
    Sunday – 13:30-14:15 – Room B
    A discussion on the historic and current comics culture in Britain and Ireland; its unique take on the classic Superhero, or more so, the lack thereof….
    The British and Irish comics community is tight knit and continues to grow and thrive! What makes it so special? Join Eve Greenwood, Ram V, Kristyna Baczynski and host Hannah Berry, all who continue to pioneer the British and Irish comic book in all its idiosyncratic glory.
  • Sketching Spotlight
    Sunday – 14:00-15:30 – Room A
    Our famous Sketching Spotlight Panel returns, watch your favourite artists draw LIVE.
    This panel gives you a unique opportunity to watch our amazing quest comic artists drawing live, and discussing their technique whilst they do so! A fun, informational creative panel. All art will be auctioned off after the convention, with proceeds going to Barnardo's Children's Charity. Session 2 featuring: Christian Ward, Caspar Wijngaard, Kit Buss, and Sara Alfageeh.
  • Short Stories: Big and Small
    Sunday – 14:30-15:15 – Room B
    A discussion about making short comics for either self-published minis, big anthologies, or long-running series like 2000 AD.
    Join Luke Healy (Americana), Allison Conway (The Lab), B Mure (Ismyre), and Dave Kelly (Tales of the Night Watchman) as they discuss tips, tricks and challenges to keeping it short and sweet (just like this description). Moderated by Regie Rigby of Destination Venus, Harrogate's local comic shop.
  • Chuck: In Conversation – Screening
    Sunday – 15:45-16:30 – Room A
    Chuck Palahniuk sits down with Chris Hewitt (Empire Magazine) to explore the ins and outs of Palahniuk's career.
    A unique one-on-one talk with the iconic American journalist and novelist, from Fight Club the novel, to Fight Club the comic book, and everything in between.
    Note this is a pre-recorded screening,
  • Swamp Thing – Under the Swamp Light
    Sunday – 15:30-16:15 – Room B
    A panel dedicated to everyone's favourite anthropomorphic mound of vegetable matter.
    Join Swamp Thing artists, writers and fans; Ram V, Mike Perkins, James Tynion, Christian Ward with host Chiara Mestieri, as they delve through 40 years of all things swampy.

Thought Bubble workshops:

  • Turning School into Comics
    Saturday – Workshop Room – 11:00-12:00
    Come along and discover Rossie's story and learn the powerful yet simple secrets of his Dekko Comics Technique, and learn how to turn anything from maths to english into a super fun comic narrative!
    We all know comics are fun and accessible for all kinds of readers. But what if they could make school work and homework into something just as fun and easy? Well they can! Rossie Stone struggled all through his school years with dyslexia, getting low results in all his academic classes. It wasn't until he started turning his study notes into comic strip stories that not only did he find reading and learning 10 times easier and fun, but they were so effective at helping him remember his study notes that it helped score him his first Grade A in an academic exam! Now he is teaching young learners across the board, as well as parents and teachers, how they can turn any school information into comics, pictures and entertainment – so that they can learn with joy and confidence too.
    Come along and discover Rossie's story and learn the powerful yet simple secrets of his Dekko Comics Technique, and learn how to turn anything from maths to english into a super fun comic narrative!
  • She Could Fly Immersive Workshop
    Saturday – Workshop Room- 12:15-13:15
    They'll explore past events at Thought Bubble, 'The Wicked + The Divine Experience' and 'The Walking Dead Immersive' and you can design your own comics game with artists (tbc) on hand to help with the visuals.
    Escape room designer Mink Ette (Oubliette, Good Omens) and science engagement producer/comic writer Sara Kenney (Surgeon X, Planet Divoc-91) share the design process of upcoming psychological escape game inspired by She Could Fly comic (published by Berger Books/Dark Horse). Supported by Physiological Society & Academy of Medical Sciences
  • AOI Contracts Masterclass
    Saturday – Workshop Room – 13:30-14:30
    The Association Of Illustrators shares advice for illustrators and comic artists on negotiating contracts with book publishers.
    If you find contracts confusing and could do with a confidence-boosting session on negotiating with publishers, this session is for you.
    AOI's Rachel Hill will break down the daunting business of contracts into manageable chunks, clearly explaining the main clauses you'll come across, including: Advances and royalties, Moral rights, Option and cancellation clauses, Subsidiary rights like USA and translation rights, merchandising and more
    You'll find out which ones are most important and, crucially, what to challenge to make an agreement more favourable to yourself as the creator.
    As well as an essential contracts 101, this session will cover other vital aspects of a successful career in book illustration: self-promotion, licensing and understanding the commissioner's journey.
  • MF DOOM – Comics, Hip Hop and the Rise of The Supervillain.
    Saturday – Workshop Room – 14:45-15:45
    In this tribute to all things DOOM you will design your own Super Villain with Juice Aleem and guest artist, Ronald Wimberly, on hand to help.
    Join legendary UK rapper and comic aficionado – Juice Aleem (Ninja Tune, Director of B-Side Hip Hop Festival) as we discuss comics, Hip Hop culture and the Supervillainy of MF DOOM. Expert cartoonist Ronald Wimberly is on hand to help too.
  • A Whole Lotta Lettuce, with Marc Jackson!
    Sunday – Workshop Room – 11:00-12:00
    Join cartoonist Marc Jackson (The BEANO, Aces Weekly, The Brooklyn Red Hook star-revue and soon to be the Phoenix) as he shows you how to create crazy-fun comic strip characters before your very eyes.
    Let's put aside common sense and create something downright ridiculous all in the name of fun. If it makes yourself laugh, it might make everyone else and if it doesn't, hey, at least you're laughing!
    Suitable for ages 7+
  • Derek the Sheep
    Sunday – Workshop Room – 12:15-13:15
    Join the creators behind the Derek The sheep comic and animation, Gary Northfield and Dr. Simpo, for a fun workshop for all the family!
    Learn how to draw Beano character Derek the Sheep and his friends and create your own madcap farm animals with their own silly catchphrases to stick on a big exciting farmyard panorama!
  • Love comics? Love your planet?
    Sunday – Workshop Room – 13:30-14:30
    Make your own 4 panel comic, live!
    Join Paul Goodenough, War and Peas and Sarah Graley to learn how to create (and publish) your own powerful 4 panel viral comic. A workshop for all ages.
    Ary by Dami Lee
  • Create Your Own Manga Story with mayamada
    Budding creators of all ages are invited to this amazing opportunity; discovering how to create your own comic story with UK manga brand mayamada!
    In this session led by co-founder Nigel Twumasi, Thought Bubble attendees will get to grips with the ins and outs of great storytelling, before developing their own comic story ideas and characters in a fun and inclusive environment.
    Whether you draw, write, or can do both, get involved to pick up invaluable insight and the tools you'll need to begin your very own comic journey! Suitable for all ages.

The following Thought Bubble convention extra events:

  • ComiXology Booth
    All Weekend – ComiXology Originals Hall
    Drop by the comiXology Booth where you'll find guest interviews, some incredible exclusives, and find out more about what comiXology has to offer to comic book fans!
    The first 100 people to the booth on both days will receive a free goodie bag! They'll include prints, merch and other goodies. Some will even have Kindles!
  • Collaborative Story Writing
    All weekend – Kids' Zone, Bubbleboy Hall
    Are you an undiscovered writer or would you like to just come and have a go at story writing? We have a story started by an established writer which ownership will then be taken over by you! Come along to pick up the story and take it on your own journey. Each participant will write a paragraph taking the characters on adventures of their own making.
  • Children's Free Drawing
    All weekend – Kids' Zone, Bubbleboy Hall
    Throughout the whole weekend free drawing is available in the Kids' Zone for children of all ages. Come along and contribute to our super size, superhero scene.
  • Lego and Duplo Fun!
    All weekend – Kids' Zone, Bubbleboy Hall
    The builders amongst us can come and construct mini worlds in our Duplo and Lego play area all weekend.Sciences
  • Bring Stuff To Life With Doctor Simpo
    All weekend – Kids' Zone, Bubbleboy Hall
    Join the amazing Doctor Simpo all weekend in the Kids' Zone for a whole heap of drawing and animating fun, and loads more!
  • Draw With The Stars
    All weekend – Kids' Zone, Bubbleboy Hall
    Come and showcase your latest comic creation on our character wall. Drop in and see us during the day Saturday and Sunday to sketch your current character ideas alongside some of our visiting artists. Come by at the end of the day to see your character rub shoulders with established comic book personalities. Your work on the final character wall will feature on Thought Bubble's Instagram and Twitter and we will pick the most inventive for a prize.
  • AireCon Zone
    All weekend – Bubbleboy Hall
    AireCon is a friendly and inclusive analog gaming festival that takes place each year in Harrogate Convention Centre. Grab a game from the huge games library kindly provided by Travelling Man, take a seat and get gaming. Whether you've come alone or with a massive group you'll find plenty of fun to be had.
  • The Trail for Hope
    All weekend – various locations
    Come and join us for an exhibition by world-renowned comic artist and Thought Bubble Festival founder, Tula Lotay, around the convention centre. The sequential story is split into eight parts, and is themed around community, re-growth and dinosaurs – not one to be missed!
    This project is supported by Leeds BID
  • The British Library wants to collect your comics
    All weekend – Bubbleboy Hall, tables 5-6
    Print or digital, contribute YOUR comic to the UK's national collection. Donate comics you have created to the Library's stall or suggest additions to the collection to be preserved for the long term.
    Get to know the team charged with caring for comics and learn how you can access the archive.
  • Thought Bubble Comic Book Drive
    All weekend – Redshirt Hall, tables 1-3
    Comic books are for everyone! But that doesn't mean they are accessible to everyone. To help tackle this, Thought Bubble is launching a comic donation drive. And donations are now open!
    Thought Bubble invites you to donate comic books to put them into the hands of everyone that wants to read them. We will collect donations of comics until the end of 2021; they will be distributed to schools, libraries and charitable organisations across the UK. You can also pick up one free comic here too!
  • Bub's Lounge
    All weekend – Queen's Suite
    Graphic novel overload? Superhero fatigue? Bub's Lounge is a quiet space where you can take some time out from the busy comic con halls. Do absolutely nothing if you want, just kick back in a comfy chair and take a breather or pick up some pens and do some drawing yourself. You can also pick up free sunglasses and earplugs to help with any sensory overload.
    Bub's Lounge is brought to you by Leeds Specialist Autism Services.
  • Superhero Plaster Tableau
    11:00-12:00 both days, Kids' Zone, Bubbleboy Hall
    This exciting addition to our activities this year gives you the opportunity to experience working in clay and plaster. You will create your own plaster superhero scene by pressing figures chosen from our selection into clay and then pouring plaster on top to create a permanent 3D representation of the scene you have created. Our session is early in the day to allow you time to come back at your convenience for the big reveal once your plaster has set. As with all our activities it's suitable for all ages with our younger artists maybe needing extra help from adults. Adults are also welcome to come and create, this is a great little piece of art to go home with.
  • Paper Mask Making
    11:00-16:00 both days, Kids' Zone, Bubbleboy Hall
    Come and colour your own superhero mask making the most of all the pre drawn designs we have with us today.Complete one of our designs or create your own superhero, what powers will your superhero have? You'll colour it with felt pens, pencil crayon or water colour paints, add super power embellishments then cut it out and walk away in your own superhero disguise.
  • Felt Headwear and Cuffs Workshop
    12:00-16:00 both days, Kids' Zone, Bubbleboy Hall
    We'll be creating superhero headwear and cuffs out of felt. Use our ready sewn felt headwear and cuffs to create your own superhero accessories. After cutting out your felt shapes you can attach your details with a needle and thread if you've got the skills or use our stapler if you have superhero disasters to rush off to. The Velcro attachments will make quick changes in phone boxes even easier! Suitable for all ages with a little bit of help from the adults.
  • Cosplay Parade
    14:00-15:00 both days. comiXology Originals Hall
    The parade is open to everyone – time to show off your incredible costume! Whether your costume is homemade or store bought, just have fun and strut your stuff!
    No need to sign up, just give your name to the volunteer in charge and wait your turn. All entrants are automatically entered into a raffle to win loads of cool stuff, including prizes from the lovely Diamond Comics!
  • The Language of Flowers
    Saturday 13 November
    Exhibition – All Day at The Mercer Gallery / Performance at 16:30
    Come and explore the creation, artwork, set, and costumes from author Cecil Castellucci and composer Charlotte Marlow's new opera The Language of Flowers, about Pauline Metternich, a real-life sword-wielding Austrian Princess. Featuring artwork from sequential artists, scores, costumes, and interactive elements; Presenting art by Rumbi Savanhu, Vicky Leta, Fiona Marchbank and more.
    The opera will be performed on Sat 13 Nov at 16:30.. The Language of Flowers was originally produced by Medusa Collective for a scratch performance at Tête-à-Tête opera festival.
  • Comics Exhibition by the Students of Harrogate College
    Saturday 13 November
    All day, Harrogate Library
    Come and see the wonderful comics and zines by students from Harrogate College's Level 3 Year 2 Art and Design and Level 3 Year 2 Creative Media courses. Working to a theme inspired by Thought Bubble Festival's presence in the city, the students will present their work from the Autumn term.
  • Portfolio Reviews with Jamie S. Rich of Tapas Media
    Saturday 13 November
    11:30-13:30 & 14:30-16:30, comiXology Originals Hall, table 22
    Jamie S. Rich, the editor in chief of Tapas, will be doing portfolio reviews at table 15. Bring your sequential art samples for tips and feedback on your work from a veteran comics writer and editor.
  • Portfolio Reviews with Jamie S. Rich of Tapas Media
    Sunday 14 November
    10:30-11:45 & 14:00-16:00, comiXology Originals Hall, table 22
    Jamie S. Rich, the editor in chief of Tapas, will be doing portfolio reviews at table 15. Bring your sequential art samples for tips and feedback on your work from a veteran comics writer and editor.

And the following Thought Bubble publishers:

1 in 100 Thought Bubble

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