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Gail Simone to Write Seven Days, Catalyst Prime's First Super-Mega-Crossover Event
Jack Kirby once said, "Kid, you haven't made it in comics until you've had your first super-mega-crossover event." Well, it looks like Catalyst Prime, the self-billed "most diverse universe of heroes" in comics has finally made it, because this July, the Lion Forge imprint will run it's first super-mega-crossover event, Seven Days Written by Gail[...]
Lion Forge, home of Catalyst Prime (now with added Gail Simone), has another title to launch in November: a certain Quincredible (which they trademarked earlier in the year). QUINCREDIBLE #1 SEP181865 (W) Rodney Barnes (A) Kelly Fitzpatrick, Selina Espiritu (CA) Michelle Wong Quinton, a high school sophomore, is looking to live his best life by moonlighting as a superhero[...]
little tails, Voltron Legendary Defender Vol. 3 Begins: Lion Forge July 2018 Solicits
The Lion Forge solicits are available now with their usual promising cavalcade of Catalyst Prime titles, new graphic novels, as well as Encounter, Wrapped Up, and Infinity 8 Plus, Voltron Legendary Defender Vol 3 begins! Unfortunately, their covers are not yet ready with the exception of Little Tales of the Forest[...]
Lots of Changes at Lion Forge and Catalyst Prime, from the Diamond Retailer Summit
Lion Forge Co-Founders Dave Steward II (CEO) and Karl Reed (CCO) will be the new Executive Editors of the company's Catalyst Prime superhero imprint. "We want to give new authentic voices to different age ranges of a particular generation." – Dave Steward II — Lion Forge (@lionforge) April 6, 2018 Along with that move the Catalyst Prime[...]
Vampironica #3
The vampiric Veronica comic from Archie Comics, Vampironica, and the Catalyst Prime lead title Noble from Lion Forge have had all order for their third and tenth issues respectively cancelled by Diamond Comics, though the publishers promise they will resolicit orders in coming months — though it will have to be for July at the[...]
Enchanted Chest & Oothar the Blue: Lion Forge May 2018 Solicits
Plus, the Catalyst Prime family of titles continue their superhero packed-action All this comes courtesy of Lion Forge's May 2018 solicits More details below. CATALYST PRIME ACCELL #10MAR181763(W) Joe Casey (A) Damion Scott, Robert Campanella, Sigmund Torre (CA) ChrisCross, Paul MountsDaniel Dos Santos has been through a lot since he got his powers from a meteor rock that he[...]
Lion Forge
Plus, new issues of their Catalyst Prime family of comics are being offered Details below. ALGERIA IS BEAUTIFUL LIKE AMERICA HC LION FORGE FEB181642 (W) Olivia Burton (A/CA) Mahi Grand Olivia had always heard stories about Algeria from her maternal grandmother, who had emigrated to France after the Algerian War of Independence[...]
Incidentals #5 cover by Sanford Greene
Catalyst Prime: Incidentals just happens to tell a very good version of that story. It works in rather simple ways too The characters are likable and interesting The plot is compelling There are some exciting and well-rendered action sequences to keep things exciting. One of the biggest criticisms that come to mind for Incidentals #5 is the[...]
Black Comix Returns Through Lion Forge February 2018 Solicits
This comes from writer/artist John Jennings. Plus, the Catalyst Prime universe continues its run, and Jazz Maynard starts its second volume. BLACK COMIX RETURNS HC (C: 0-0-1) (W) John Jennings, Damian Duffy (A) Ashley A Woods & Various (CA) Ashley A Woods Eisner-winning writer/artist/scholar JOHN JENNINGS (The Blacker the Ink) and Glyph Award-winning writer DAMIAN DUFFY (The Hole, Octavia E[...]
Catalyst Prime's Tour T-Shirt Lays Out The Comics Line – Free At ComicsPRO
The Catalyst Prime launch T-shirt from Lion Forge, that detail the names and creators for their launch titles of this new superhero line masterminded by Joe Illidge and with creators… well… Let's take a look again. NOBLE Brandon Thomas – Writer Roger Robinson – Illustrator Juan Fernandez – Colorist Saida Temofonte – Letterer ACCELL Joe Casey – Writer Damion Scott – Penciller Robert Campanella –[...]