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Funko Soda: The Hunt for the Chase - Robin Edition
This is, of course, our favorite Boy Wonder, Robin! This figure is limited to only 7,500 pieces with 1,200 of them being Chase variants One of the best things about Funko's new Funko Soda is the fact that they are all limited edition and they all have a chance at a Chase variant So let's[...]
Former Twitch PR Director Heads to  StreamElements as Comms Head
For years if you did any business with Twitch in their PR department, most like you knew Chase Just "Chase" Recently, Chase departed the company, and now we know where he landed This week, StreamElements announced they have officially hired Chase to become the company's new Head of Communications Here's a little more info on[...]
Funko Marvel Runaways Nico
Nico, Alex, Karolina, Gert, Molly and Chase will bring style, sass and a smorgasbord of Super Hero abilities to your collection Nico comes with the Staff of One, Gert is armed with her signature riot grrrl style and Chase is armed with his Fistigons and ready to fight. These all look fantastic Finally I can add[...]
izombie season 4, episode 9
Not even know where to begin, but two things jump out: I was ecstatic to see Chase (Jason Dohring) step up his game — and apparently some of his paranoia; and Liv (Rose Mclver) taking on an underground rapper persona was comical, but not overly done like last week's medieval nonsense. Blaine (David Anders) is really[...]
iZombie Season 4: A Look Back at Season 3 (The Weekly Static: Extras!)
Shockingly, Vivian is killed in an airplane explosion (another example of big things happening with little time to process) and her brother-in-law Chase Graves (Jason Dohring) a no nonsense military type takes over. We are also introduced to Bo Johns (James Pizzinato) and Harley Johns (Andre Caldwell), brothers and conspiracy theorists dead-set on proving to Seattle[...]
The Weekly Static: Extras! An iZombie Fan's Season 4 Thoughts
How many twists and turns can they cram into each episode and keep throwing at us before we do an express leap into the big season finale? The idea that the Seattle population has now been infected with the virus – compliments of Chase Graves (Jason Dohring) after Carey Gold (Anjali Jay) underhandedly set the[...]
Chase And Old Lace Get Runaways Teasers From Marvel
Runaways will be a Hulu original streaming show early next year, but it looks like the comic may launch before then, possibly with enough time to get a trade paperback on shelves by the time the show comes out. The teaser earlier this week showed Runaways character Nico Minoru: While the two teasers released today show Chase… …and[...]