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Garcia and Mooneyham Replace Chris Sprouse for Daredevil One More Day

Garcia, Mooneyham Replace Chris Sprouse on Daredevil One More Day

Written by ongoing Daredevil writer Chip Zdarsky, who also drew the cover, it was to be drawn by Tom Strong co-creator Chris Sprouse and titled "One More Day", intentionally echoing the controversial Spider-Man storyline that saw Peter Parker trade his marriage with Mary Jane Watson with the devil, for the life of his Aunt May[...]

The Daily LITG, 30th July 2019 – Happy Birthday, Chris Sprouse

You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 10 most-read stories yesterday"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia": A Reigniting of "The Office" War? Bethesda Softworks Releases A Summer Roadmap For "Fallout 76" "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Spawned a 2014 Russian Edition?!? "Critical Role": Changing Viewing Habits and TV's Future [OPINION] Jonah[...]

Terrifics #7 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Ivan Nunes

The Terrifics #7 Review: How Many Layers of Nostalgia Are We Working With?

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] We see Tom Strong once again shutting down a scheme from Paul Saveen in Millennium City. After another successful mission, Strong is ambushed by Doc Dread. Meanwhile on our Earth, the Terrifics continue their search for Tom Strong and a means to stop Doc Dread. Mister Terrific clashes with Simon Stagg, and Rex […]

Infinity Countdown: Daredevil #1 cover by Clayton Crain

Infinity Countdown: Daredevil #1 Review – Better Than You Understandably Expected it to Be

That I won’t spoil, but it’s a solid moment of setup and payoff.[caption id="attachment_849753" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Infinity Countdown: Daredevil #1 art by Chris Sprouse, Scott Hanna, Karl Story, and Matt Yackey[/caption]Chris Sprouse, Phil Noto, and Lee Ferguson team up to provide the artwork for this comic, and it melds so well that I had difficulty[...]

Terrifics #2 cover by Ivan Reis and Marcelo Maiolo

Terrifics #2 Review: A Second Issue That's Even Better Than the First

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The team is baffled by the message left by Tom Strong, and they ask how Phantom Girl arrived in the Dark Multiverse. She explains how she was sucked in through a portal in space. Mister Terrific explains that they'll need the antenna attached to Tom Strong's device, and this wakes something up. The […]

Black Panther #1 Cover by Brian Stelfreeze and Laura Martin

Five Days of Black Panther- Day 5: Current Series by Ta-Nehisi Coates

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]We arrive at the conclusion of Bleeding Cool’s Five Days of Black Panther with the current Black Panther series by writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artists such as Chris Sprouse, Brian Stelfreeze, and Leonard Kirk.This was my first Black Panther solo series, as I was turned onto the character primarily by Al Ewing’s Ultimates[...]

Black Panther #168 cover by Brian Stelfreeze

Black Panther #168: The Plot is Becoming Unwieldy

There isn’t a wasted character in this series; each one has a story to tell and a part to play.[caption id="attachment_768299" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Black Panther #168 art by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Walden Wong, Matt Milla, and Chris Sotomayor[/caption]Chris Sprouse returns to provide the art for this issue, and it still looks very good[...]

Cover to Black Panther #18 by Brian Stelfreeze and Laura Martin

Black Panther #18 Review: The Beloved Strike

Meanwhile Chris Sprouse, who has done a lot of work on Coates’s Black Panther, provides a heavier style that is quite welcome in this comic It’s very detailed and fits the world of war and political intrigue that is Wakanda.Color artist Laura Martin keeps things lively with a well-balanced palette that leans on the darker given[...]

Black Panther #17 Review- The King And The Goddess

I hope to see the two reunited.[caption id="attachment_708907" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Black Panther #17 Art by Chris Sprouse[/caption]The fight against the man-spiders that attack Alkama is brief, but it is fun to read T’Challa summons the weapons of his ancestors while Storm does her lightning thing.Chris Sprouse is the artist on this issue, and he is[...]

Black Panther #16 Review: An Enthralling Plot With Great Character Moments

Maybe T’Challa could give him asylum and a position in a science division in Wakanda.Chris Sprouse’s artwork is strong with a clean aesthetic, a lot of expression, and a lot of kinetic energy in the fight scenes While a whole lot of the battle in Club Fenris isn’t shown, what is played out before us[...]

New Hit Girl And Chrononauts In 2016, Chris Sprouse On Jupiter's Circle And Jae Lee, Greg Capullo On Millarworld,

He's around here somewhere.... at the far more secretive than usual Diamond Retailer Day at the London ExCel Centre for London MCM Comic Con, Mark Millar has laid out his upcoming plans to ComicBook.We knew about Empress with Stuart Immonen.We knew about Greg Capullo. But what we didn't know was Jae Lee. Or Chris Sprouse taking over[...]

Who Is Drawing The Multiversity Guidebook Anyway? (TO UPDATE)

But who is drawing it?The DC Comics website lists Ben Oliver, Chris Sprouse, Dan Jurgens, Cameron Stewart, Klaus Janson, Gary Frank, Nicola Scott and "Various".Whereas Amazon lists Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jae Lee, Jon Bogdanove, Gary Frank, Todd Nauck, Chris Sprouse, Andrew Robinson, Duncan Rouleau, Cameron Stewart, Pete Woods, Ben Oliver, Nicola Scott, Marcus To, Joe Prado,[...]

Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics Of 2014

Multiversity  from DC Comics, written by Grant Morrison with art by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Nei Ruffino, Ben Oliver, Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart, Ivan Reis and Joe PradoEverything I adored about Avengers and New Avengers this year is here, and more besides Again, it needs a map Each comic is not just a story, but each[...]

Punching Fear In Multiversity: Society of Superheroes

Chris Sprouse does an amazing job realizing the ancient villain here, just as he did in his chapter of the Morrison-scripted Return of Bruce Wayne a few years back.A traditional wartime pulp adventure might see the heroes confront their enemies with a mastery of science, but Doc Fate’s playing field is magic and so the[...]

New Shield Comic To Bring TV Characters Into The 616

From the Liveblog by Joe Glass:SHIELD issue 1 coming in December by Mark Waid and Carlos Pacheco, Alan Davis, Chris Sprouse and more, introducing characters from the TV show into the 616. They will be done in one stories, and everyone in the MU is a potential agent of SHIELD. Coulson is one of Waid’s favorite characters[...]

Five Reasons Why Tom Strong Is a 21st Century Hero In The Planet of Peril #6

Like Tom, we’re willing to invest in good intentions and a little more self-awareness about our own very personal motivations in trying to change the world.Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril is written by Peter Hogan, pencilled by Chris Sprouse, inked by Karl Story, colored by Jordie Bellaire, and lettered by Todd Klein[...]

Live From The Comic Shop: Sex Criminals, Tom Strong, The Wake, Rat Queens, Super!

It’s unpredictable, it’s energetic, and as readers have come to expect from the team up of Peter Hogan writing, Chris Sprouse penciling, and Karl Story inking, and Jordie Bellaire on colors, it’s lavishly rendered It’ll remind you why you like Tom Strong in the first place, which is a pretty solid argument for the existence[...]