Black Panther #17 Review- The King And The Goddess

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Cover to Black Panther #17
Black Panther #17

There is a new god being worshipped in Wakanda, the nation of the Black Panther, and it is called Sefako. A man called Ras the Exhorter has been preaching in the name of this Sefako, and he is gaining many followers.

This is troubling T'Challa, who has called Storm to Wakanda to aid in this crisis of missing deities.

Another door of light has opened in Alkama, a province of Wakanda. Black Panther and Storm have set out to help the people of Alkama and investigate this Sefako.

"Avengers of the New World" is proving to be another lengthy epic in the saga of Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther. I'm not sure it's reached "Nation Under Our Feet" level of quality yet, but it is compelling none the less.

This trouble of gods is an interesting conflict for Black Panther, and it allows for more world-building for the culture of Wakanda. Furthermore, the relationship between he and Storm is being rekindled, and they have a lot of chemistry between themselves. They were a great couple, and it was a shame to see them split apart in the shadow of the reviled Avengers vs. X-Men. I hope to see the two reunited.

Art to Black Panther #17, penciled by Chris Sprouse
Black Panther #17 Art by Chris Sprouse

The fight against the man-spiders that attack Alkama is brief, but it is fun to read. T'Challa summons the weapons of his ancestors while Storm does her lightning thing.

Chris Sprouse is the artist on this issue, and he is definitely one of the better ones to touch this title. The man-spiders are genuinely creepy looking. The Black Panther suit looks great, and Storm looks as elegant and majestic as ever. The inking of Dexter Vines and Karl Story as well as the color work of Laura Martin and Andrew Crossley greatly bolsters the aesthetic with a sleek and textured look full of vibrant colors. Wakanda is a gorgeous nation as a result.

Black Panther is one of the books I most look forward to every month. With a great writer and a solid stable of artists, this is one that should be on everyone's pull list. Pick it up.

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