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Michael Avon Oeming, Christopher Mitten & Lamar Mathurin Join 3W/3M
It was Sourcebook One. Michael Avon Oeming, Christopher Mitten & Lamar Mathurin Join 3W/3M It will be followed for year two by Sourcebook Two, known as [MAPS]. If [SYSTEMS] was about "how things work" in the 3W/3M universe, [MAPS] is all about where things are It serves as a comprehensive atlas of the three worlds and three moons, and[...]
Rasputin: Voice of the Dragon #3 cover by Mike Huddleston
It'll always be impressive how much of a breathing and thriving world Mike Mignola has built around Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. Oddly enough, Rasputin is barely in a comic with his name emblazoned across the title. Christopher Mitten's artwork is solid and functional The design of Kroenen's monsters are quite good Sandhu has a cool visual design[...]
Wes Craven And Steve Niles Team For Television Series
The sci-fi horror in space from Niles and artist Christopher Mitten isn't schedule to hit comic shelves until May from Black Mask but Universal Cable Productions is already in the process of picking up the rights to the title. Craven hasn't done a lot of television work, he co-created the 90's anthology series Nightmare Cafe and[...]
Criminal Macabre: The Third Child Preview
Picking up right after the Eyes of Frankenstein, Christopher Mitten illustrates this latest tale of Cal McDonald – "Cal's changed and maybe not for the better Locked away and drowning himself with booze and aspirin, Cal feels the evil consuming him Will he be able to withstand its pull or will he[...]
Image Watch – Talking Umbral And 'Playing With Magic Words' With Antony Johnston
By David Dissanayake Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten's fantastic series Umbral from Image Comics begins its second arc in today's issue #7.  I've been a big supporter of this creative duo since Wasteland, one of the first ongoing series I started following on a regular basis. Worldbuilders of the highest order, the Johnston/Mitten duo bring that rare[...]
Bleeding Cool's Purple-tastic Teaser For Umbral Book 2 Starting This Week
It's nearly here–the second arc of Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten's Image Series Umbral, arriving this comic book day to great anticipation titled "Killing the Sunrise" And because he's a lovely fellow, Antony Johnston has sent Bleeding Cool our very own teaser image that's all ours It's swirly, and purple, and rather fantastic.  And here[...]
5 Things About Umbral Issue # 4 – From Pirate Ships To Clever Rascal
There's nothing precious here, just a smart, terrified young woman facing the end of the world and swearing at it, as we all would. 2.     Pirate Ship Christopher Mitten, Jordan Boyd and Thomas Mauer really flex their muscles this issue, with several left hand splash page reveals and some beautifully placed, subtle lettering[...]
5 Things About Umbral Issue #3- From Wrong Reactions to Mistwalkers
Christopher Mitten is an immensely impressive artist at the best of times but this is impressive even by his usual standards. 2 Push Me/Pull You That isn't to say it's a harmonious relationship because it really isn't In one panel, writer Antony Johnston and Mitten show that both the leads are keeping secrets, from us, and each[...]
44Flood's First IDW Project Has A Bite – Libretto Volume1: Vampirism
Contributing to the whopping 200-page softcover will be Ben Templesmith, David Stoupakis, Riley Rossmo, Christopher Mitten, George Pratt, Menton3, and more.  And those process insights have been teased a couple of times in press releases–we'll get an insider view on some of the art production contained therein. 44Flood perfected the development of these art/comics anthologies previously with two contributors: Menton3[...]
Five Thoughts About Umbral, A Dirty-Fingernailed Fantasy
Antony Johnston, Christopher Mitten, John Rauch and Thomas Mauer's new fantasy series is brutal, dirty-fingernailed fantasy of a sort that doesn't get enough press Following Rascal, a female thief who sees something horrific begin its invasion of her kingdom and her friends, the book is Invasion of the Bodysnatchers by way of fantasy, steampunk and[...]
Live From The Comic Shop: Wraith, Umbral, Rocket Girl Expand Their Genres
As welcome as this would probably be as a film treatment, this first issue alone strongly suggests that there are things that comics can simply do better, and should. Umbral is out this week from Image, a "dark fantasy" according to ads, and its "scribe" is Antony Johnston, "Illuminator" is Christopher Mitten, "Painter" is John Rauch,[...]