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Keith Contarino Answers Accusations
Last month, Bleeding Cool reported on the arrest of long time comics collector and dealer, Keith Contarino, and accusations from customers that he had
Things I Only Just Realised
I only just realised that in the Aardman Batman, his teeth mirror the Bat symbol. Hmmm. I'm sure everyone realised before but I couldn't find reference to
Another Adrian Tomine New Yorker Cover
By Victoria Marsden I know it sounds strange, but ever since I saw this cover a couple of days ago it’s been knocking around in the back of my head. It’s
Christ Has Returned. A Lot.
Shawn French writes; June 12, 1993. I was a young stand-up comedian, carving out a decent living in the middle rungs of the New England comedy scene. I’m
It's Great To Be Back: Optic Nerve #13
By Victoria Marsden A few months ago, I was thrilled to read that Adrian Tomine was putting out another issue of Optic Nerve, the offbeat mini-comic I had
Superman Saves Store's Bacon
24 year old Luke Junior from Sheffield, was taking part in a charity event, when he saw a suspected shoplifter run out of the store, so he ran after him
A History Of Dynamite.Com was first registered back in 1996, for an internet service company. They picked up a few clients, but them on the home page, but they didn't