Commanders In Crisis #4 Review: Unlike Any Other Superhero Comic

Wow. This innovative, heady, thoughtful issue is unlike any other superhero comic around. A team of five very specific heroes from disparate worlds makes a discovery about the work they do that shakes them all to their foundations, and it is a mind-blower.

Commanders In Crisis #4 Review: Unlike Any Other Superhero Comic
Commanders In Crisis #4 Cover. Credit: Image Comics

The facts are these: Four people who were all history-making personalities on parallel Earth's have survived and gained superpowers as they traversed dimensions, now sworn to save this new world at the side of a similar history-making genius and heroine. Somehow the concept of empathy was bound to one man, and then that man was killed, plunging the world into chaos, the likes of which would normally require Pedro Pascal with a bad blonde hairdo. The five of them are on a mission to solve this mystery and save this world from both this new threat and the thing that killed the previous Earth's. That's what you get, just walking in the door.

In this issue, they find answers that they did not want and discover things about each other that challenge everything they believed. Writer Steve Orlando has taken a gigantic swing, and it connects in the best possible way. This script is a roller coaster that will leave you wrung out like an old dishrag by the last page. The artwork from Davide Tinto, Francesco Carotenuto, and Fabio Amelia makes the shocking moments really huge, takes on action scenes in all-new methods, and generally innovates with almost every page.

This book is good and continues to change the rules for what can be done with the superhero genre. RATING: BUY. 

Commanders In Crisis #4
By Steve Orlando, Davide Tinto
As the Crisis Command faces off with Empathy's assassin, the deep conspiracy behind the murder steps out of shadows. It won't be enough just to avenge Empathy's death: to save the world; the Crisis Command will have to RESURRECT AN IDEA! The first wild arc concludes with a bang!

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