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Trapped in the 80s: How Would You Escape with No Phone?

That time would be the 1980s, and that’s the concept behind Connor Hoover’s new book. Trapped in the 80s is the brand new “Pick Your Own Quest” book from Connor Hoover, who’s released a whole slew of interactive books aimed at kids, including Escape from Minecraft and King Tut’s Adventure We chatted about how an interactive[...]

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Castle Talk: Connor Hoover Is Here for Some Alien Treasure Hunting and Time-Traveling Wizards

Jason chats with Tricia "Connor" Hoover, author of the middle grade Tut novels, on her new elementary book series Wizards of Tomorrow and Alien Treasure Hunters. That's two new series at once. We talk about writing for a younger audience and what it takes to churn out a book every month or so. Listen here: Listen […]