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Four Page Preview Of King In Black #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman
Comic book continuity is a comic publisher's attempt to link various stories told by the publisher together Some people love comic book continuity; some do not Why do comic book publishers use continuity? It is a great way to try to increase sales with crossovers King in Black is the latest Marvel crossover People may[...]
Since When do People from Queens Call Soda "Pop?" Today's Black Cat #9
Marvel Comics' editors aren't exactly known for their attention to detail when it comes to making sure everything that happens in their comics fits in with continuity, or even reality That kind of fact-checking and proofreading is time-consuming work, and there are so many hours in the day, and those tweets aren't going to tweet[...]
Jim Shooter
He wrote Too many continued stories, too many run-on stories, too much pathological continuity, too much confusion Come on, guys One-Part stories! Please! Clarity! Understandability! Do we have to do something as dumb as having me approve all continued stories? These days, one-part stories are more of a rarity rather than anything close to the standard[...]
Doomsday Clock #12 – In Or Out Of Continuity?
And, as a result, out of continuity. I am told by other sources at DC Comics that it is intended that the events in Doomsday Clock will fold into the rest of the DC Universe in one way or another But not in the way that was originally intended Both down to the lateness and the[...]
Next Week's Marvel Comics Presents Completely Breaks Continuity
That means that the Fantastic Four taking that fateful space trip took place somewhere in the early 2000s, not the early sixties. So how old are Reed, Ben, and Susan then, if they're already adults during the Cold War in the 50s? These stories are in continuity, aren't they? Marvel Comics Presents #2 breaks continuity next Wednesday. Marvel[...]
There's a Major Continuity Error in Archie's Latest Comic
But in their zeal to promote comics' archaic ordering system, Archie committed a major continuity gaffe in this strip, which sees Jughead lamenting not getting a comic he wanted because he forgot to preorder it. But savvy readers know that, back in 1941, Jughead could have simply walked up to a newsstand and picked up a[...]
Spider-Man #234
Spider-Man #234 is a great example of how to maintain continuity without losing character in the process Oh, and lucky you, it's the second time Josh Davison and I have reviewed the same book. [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Before I get into it, I thought I'd note the oddity that the only two Marvel issues I've reviewed (I tend to[...]
Fun And Frolics With The Continuity Of Batman Inc
But Batman Inc is a different matter. Continuing, both with the Leviathan one shot, and now in the new Second Wave series, it does rather seem to have ignored than any relaunch may have happened in the other Batbooks. Which is why in Leviathan Strikes!, we had Stephanie Brown returning as Batgirl, where she seems never to[...]