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Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – Secret Wars Has A Public Victory
But though Convergence dragged behind, it still outsold everything else, with Convergence crossovers throughout the chart. 1. Secret Wars #1 2 Convergence #5 3 Amazing Spider-Man #18 4 Spider-Gwen #2 5 Star Wars: Kanan: The Last Padawan #2 6 Convergence Justice League #2 7 Afterlife With Archie #8 8 Convergence Nightwing Oracle #2 9 Convergence Harley Quinn #2 10 Descender #3 Thanks to the following retailers Dr No's[...]
Whitewashing A DC Character Before Their Death (Convergence #5 Spoilers)
n Convergence #4, we saw the reintroduction of a classic DC Comics character, Machiste, ctreated by Mike Grell in Warlord #2 back in 1976. And, over the years, he's looked a little like this. And his appearance in Convergence #4 seems to match that… However, by this week's issue, something had changed… Was it just the lighting of had[...]
Doomed Brings Back The Alpha Centurion To The DCU
In the back of today's Convergence: Superman #2 is a preview to the new DC tile for June, Doomed, by Scott Lobdell and Javier Fernandez, the only brand new non-legacy lead character in the June mini-relaunch. However, in doing that, they also bring back a blast from the past, Alpha Centurion, introduced in the eighties as[...]
37 Thoughts About 37 Of Today's Comics – Star Wars To Secret Wars To Swords Of Sorrow
Steve Rogers would never have been this mean, would he? I like this new Captain America…. Alcohol *and* marijuana, Orphan Black #3? What is this babylonian excess? Next someone will get out a Twister board and that will just be the end of everything… Dick Grayson performs some extremely impromptu tailoring in Convergence #5 I don't think[...]
A New Future For Lois And Clark (Convergence #5 Spoilers)
Which has put a dark cloud over everything. But in this week's issue of Convergence, issue 5, we see Deimos, after absorbing the energy of time travellers somehow, seeing a future world yet to come, while fighting the Earth 2 Superman. Clark Kent is dead on Earth 2 Is this the future of Earth Prime he is seeing?[...]
Speculator Corner – Convergence: Superman #1, The First Appearance Of Doomed
Tomorrow sees the second issues of the two parter Convergence event And, as well as giving you an idea where the series will be going as world battles worlds (or, at least, is meant to) the books will also preview every book in June. Including Convergence: Superman #2, featuring a first look at Doomed, the new[...]
Cover Stories: Convergence, Old Man Logan And Gamestop's Star Wars
Do you judge a comic book by its covers? If so which do you choose? Here are a few now looks…issues #5 to #8 of Convergence. The new cover look of Secret Wars: Old Man Logan #2. And the Gamestop covers for Star Wars #4, released yesterday for Star Wars Day… and already going for up to $50[...]
Thor's Comic Review Column – Fantastic Four #645, Thomas Alsop Vol. 1, Multiversity #2, Convergence #4, Convergence: Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Shazam, Infinity Inc., World's Finest, Detective Comics
1 Convergence #4 Convergence: Booster Gold #1 Convergence: Blue Beetle #1 Convergence: Shazam! #1 Convergence: Infinity Inc #1 Convergence: World's Finest Convergence: Detective Comics #1 The Multiversity #2 Fantastic Four #645 (Marvel, $5.99) By Jeb D. We didn't know it at the time, of course, but Fantastic Four #100 was the twilight of the Stan Lee-Jack Kirby partnership; they would do just two more issues[...]
How Many Inkers Does It Take To Make An Issue Of Convergence?
We first mentioned the existence of what would be called Convergence eleven months ago, when it was still being edited by Tom DeFalco Marie Javins soon took over as editor DC Comics prepared for the shift from coast to coast. And something we have noticed in the Ch-Ch-Changes column is just how prepared the publisher was[...]
Secret Wars And Star Wars Take Top 23 Places For Advance Reorders
Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! And with a double whammy it is all about Secret Wars and Star Wars as those titles make up the top 23 of the top[...]
Bitch Planet Matches Multiversity, Convergence And Justice League For Meta Moment
Today sees the final issue of Multiversity, the latest issue of Justice League and the fourth issue of Convergence. The former shows crashing realities as Grant Morrison brings all the plots from the one shots together into one final push. With comic books as the meta-way out and potential solution to everything. And previous Crises coming to the fore as a[...]
A Comic Show – Endgame's Batman & Joker's Last Laugh!
Multiversity #2 ends the battle to save the Multiverse a gives us Justice Incarnate! Convergence also came out, and I talk about all the tie ins I loved seeing Blue Beetle and Booster Gold again, I'm a sucker for those two. Marvel's Time Runs Out ends and leads right into FCBD's Secret Wars #0 and next[...]
Convergence – A Comic Book Retailer Speaks Out
And with Convergence #3 hitting the shelves today, I am still scrambling to sell 0, 1 and 2 along with the other tie ins. Of the 25 copies we had of each, I still have 12 #0s, 6 #1s, and 10 #2s waiting to find new homes   As for other titles, it's looking just as[...]
38 Thoughts About 37 Of Today's Comics – Through Convergence And Back Again
This is one of them. Almost. Convergence: Batman And The Outsiders reminds us how black characters used to look in superhero comic books And how they used to be named…. However, even in Convergence: Green Lantern Corps, they still seem to wend their way towards construction of some kind… Okay, this from Convergence: Hawkman[...]
When Convergence Becomes The Killing Joke (SPOILERS)
In today's Convergence #3, the Thomas Wayne Batman of Flashpoint is under assault from Professor Pyg and friends… with Man-Bat taking care of Dick Grayson. Not what they do with him, but what this Batman does with them… That's right folks, Batman's dad is a suicide bomber. And an expert one too, somehow using the explosion to take[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 19th April 2014 – Convergence Surges
We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion. Convergence is back at the top in almost all stores, with a big Convergence presence throughout, a string launch for Bloodshot Reborn and Chrononauts returning well too… 1 Convergence #2 2 Thor #7 3 Uncanny X-men #33 4 Convergence: Batman-Shadow of the Bat #1 5 Bloodshot Reborn #1 6 Legendary Star Lord[...]
Did The Solicitation For Earth 2 Society Spoil The Whole Of Convergence?
Mark Bristow writes, What is Convergence? Convergence is DC's newest big cross-over event, featuring the appearance of dozens of old DCU characters and storylines that were left behind after the Flashpoint even and 2011's New 52 line-wide relaunch It also serves as a publishing gap as DC moves their offices to Burbank. So far, DC has marketed Convergence[...]
Just Imagine… DC Comics Killing Off Stan Lee
Three weeks ago, Dan DiDio promised that Convergence as a love letter to the fans Well maybe not one fan… This week's issue of Convergence saw two worlds go to war… the Futures End version of Earth with all the superheroes turned by Brother Eye into killer cyborgs against… which world? Why, the one created by[...]
Better Know Your Convergence Characters
With today's release of Convergence: Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1, Convergence: Green Lantern / Parallax #1 and Convergence: Catwoman #1… DC has posted the Convergence Confidentials to give you some background on the characters if you aren't already up on them Here we get some history on Jean Paul Valley who took over the[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 14th April 2015 – Darth Vader Beats Convergence
Apologies for the delay – I was run over by a Valiant bar crawl recently, during which I may have made some unfortunate promises… And despite all the hype, it was Marvel's Darth Vader that just pipped Convergence to the top Gotta love those torture droids. Darth Vader #4 Convergence #1 Walking Dead #140 Deadpool #45 Saga #27 Convergence Superman #1 Convergence Harley[...]
A Comic Show – Archie Vs. Predator Vs. Convergence!
Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, I'm back with New Comics Now! Archie vs Predator won the week, but there's plenty of Image and Convergence. Archie vs Predator was super fun, and highly recommended to anyone with a since of humor Chrononauts #2 finally did what I've wanted time travel stuff[...]
Talking Comics – Archie Vs. Predator, Bloodshot Reborn, Runlovekill & More!
God help Spawn's enemies! Another huge week for DC as we see the Convergence event continue this week with the second issue of the main series and ten more additional Convergence series hitting the shelf to coincide with the main series All of these stories take place with Zero Hour as the reference point. Don't forget our[...]
DC's Comixology 99 Cent Comics Through Convergence
We are knee deep into DC's Convergence right now The consensus is that those bits that deal with the past realities are great, the bits that deal with the city war and overarching plot are not so great But for those wallowing in nostalgia, DC and ComiXology are giving you a greater chance to do so. So[...]
Which Convergence Titles Get Which June Previews? Here Are A Few
Tomorrow's Convergence titles all feature extra material for the new reader to explain the importance and history of he characters being revisited by the two-shot comics. But, in May, the final issues of the two-shots will instead feature brand new original six issue stories to tease all the titles in DC's June min-relaunch, as they wach[...]
Converging The Double Page Spreads Of Convergence #0
At Wondercon, Dan Jurgens said that there are three double page spreads in Convergence #0 that, if you stack them vertically, form one big image. But is that true? We took one copy of Convergence #0… … ripped out the staples… …and assembled the results.. …before realising I could have probably done the whole thing digitally[...]